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February 25

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This is going to be something of a quick alignment of my mind. I haven't been doing as much as I wanted to, but I have been thinking and planning offline a lot. One thing is about the structuring of the remaining neighbourhoods of Trevers, aka all of the island and a lot outside there.

Lately my focus went off-island because I wanted to do something more rural and not to dense work on the city. Until today I figured Cashton and Fletcher as some of rural villages that just lay outside the big city, a pieceful and quiet place on the edge of urbanisation. But at this moment, I’m figuring that I can make it a lot larger, as I had planned in my mind a long time ago. The thing is, it is really hard to make this reality. Fletcher is easily expandible, but I will have to do a lot of rework on Cashton, which looks like a really rural city. Also Elbton, a village inbetween Fletcher and Cashton, will have to expand so it squeezes right between the two of them.

At the moment, I’m carefully planning my next steps, so everything falls into place. I really have so much motivation of finishing Trevers right now, but it will take some time to actually do that. Tomorrow, one of the things I will do is to refresh the planning on my page, and write out some things. I will finish some work on the Fletcher-side of town, then I will continue to complete the northern and eastern suburbs on the island. Eventually, I will also make a concept and a start with the southern suburbs, beachfront Arcott, old religious Pretonsburgh, industrial Dalson, and green Myrtle Springs.

I will craft on these thoughts some more the coming hours. More details on this tomorrow on the bliki and my user page.

--PortCal (talk) 05:22, 26 February 2017 (CET)

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February 14

This is going to be a very hard month for me to do any big mapping projects, since I just entered my second year of my course. This means much acclimatisation and getting used to more advanced projects for the next coming weeks/months. Nevertheless I will still continue to combine this with my OGF-"tasks", but for now I will have to find my drive and adjust my schedule. But next week is a week off, so I will find time here to do stuff.


The January collaboration was planned to be continued this month and maybe even next month, at least until we were satisfied with the results. At the moment, there haven't been much - or really none at all - updates to this collaboration. I might pick up some work in the next off-week, and I hope it can continue as usual.

Cashton, Verona

A project I did work on last month is creating the outer suburb Cashton, next to Fletcher. It is no extraordinary suburb, rather just an exurb in the traditional style. Like this one, there will be many more to follow in the next coming months, when I start finishing structures in Trevers. This is very high on my priority list. In the meantime, I have to get working on some ideas for that stupid Vale river. The island idea seemed really cool, now I just have to look if it's feasible and realisticly fitting the region Trevers is located in.

Transit layer

Because lately I see more and more people talking (and dreaming) about a public transportation layer. After reading luciano's bliki last night, I wanted to do something about this current "lack". I really like the idea of having one, and because I want to dust off my basic Python skills, I'm going to experiment with custom tiles, which could (when there's space at least) later on be added to the eventual map. For now, I have to do some research how to visualise this and how the layer might look. Many say that the default OGF Transportation Layer is too basic, and that might be true, but most other alternatives look quite ugly. The stuff looks not that advanced to give it a try and work on it for a while. Let's see how far I could take this. No guarantees.

One thing I still struggle with is downloading and cropping pieces from the OGF-backup files with osmconvert, which just results in an empty file when using the option to crop with a box (instead of a polygon relation). I was looking to use Trevers and use some parts of the city, which will not be updated during that time, but it's also very interesting to test this layer later on in a city that's already more complete, like Dunwic, since there are many forms of public transportation here. It will probably end up being something like the current Histor-layer, which already displays different kinds of railways. Adding some route relations and adjusting the map to make it stand out in showing public transport at first, should not be that much work to do. Just a lot of puzzeling. We'll see, I will first start playing with some things. Should be fun. Again, no guarantees. Just trying and willing to visualise this idea.

--PortCal (talk) 01:44, 15 February 2017 (CET)

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February 2

Conceptual "early-Trevers" in islands (around 1600 or something)
The area of Trevers as it is now

Last month was a busy one; for the last half of the month I did not bliki or do very much on OGF. I was ill, had exams, had a lot of meetings all day and had a lot of birthday parties. But I'm back to start in February with a lot of brand new ideas and a lot of motivation.

January Challenge

While the rest finished the January Challenge, my collaboration with Refriedsushi did not end. In fact, I feel like it's barely even started. It was a though start around the third week of January, and all kinds of things got in the way. We planned to do some criticism on each others' cities, Port Mallore and Trevers. This discussion has to help us improve our cities in another — more indirect — way. We got stuck at Physical Geography for both cities, but I hope it will expand over time. There is really no foreseeable due date for this collaboration.

Trevers build out of islands

A long known verisimilitude problem in Trevers was the split between rivers Ansy and Vale, and actually the Vale as a whole. It was not realistic enough and I was in desperate need of a solution, before I build to much in the city and then risking if for having to break it down to create a more realistic city in place. One of the plans in the Trevers-Port Mallore Collaboration by Refriedsushi was to create some islands, and do something with landfill. The piece of Trevers that is currently an island could stay an island (or rather multiple islands) by being located in a bay, so the Vale would be part of the sea. This was the first idea and I really liked this one. Examples like the reclamation in Boston and Bombay helped me envisioning something similar for Trevers. Trevers could consist of many islands, that were later connected by reclamation and landfill. The interesting thing about the idea is that some parts of Trevers already look this way, because I built some older parts a bit Dutch, like it was already some flat piece of reclaimed land. This way I could also adjust some parts of the Ansy and create a delta for it that would flow into the bay.

The second idea was to make the current island a peninsula by simply removing the Vale. But I thought this wouldn't really solve all of the problems in the area. When I drew the first idea, I knew I wanted to do something with this. At the moment, it is kind of hard envisioning the islands altogether, but I will have to take a good look at it when I have some drawing inspiration. This could be an entirely adjusted history for Trevers. Very exciting stuff going on on that collaboration page.

This month, I want to do some more bliki writing, but I can't promise anything. I guess I will see how things work out.

--PortCal (talk) 23:59, 2 February 2017 (CET)

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