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October 2

I’m back. It has been three entire months since my last bliki. Three months in which I was so busy, I only had time on OGF for very minor updates and changes around Trevers (and a big one). I also have not been very active in the user diaries and really everywhere. That will improve from now, although the bliki will remain to be not daily (or even weekly) by all means. But there are exciting things coming up for me.

The new Trevers

For new followers of the bliki, I was really frustrated about Trevers a few months ago, because I couldn't figure out how to improve the city (because imo it looked like a mess and it still kind of does). Following the advise of many here, I started working on some part in the southwest corner of Paroy. It was fun for a while, but it really bugged me that Trevers was sitting there, unfinished and looking like some failure on the map. While I could have waited returning here for a year or even more, I waited to start building the capital Coleraine, but imo there had to be something urban in my country. Trevers should and would be improved, no matter what. Maybe it's perseverance, maybe it's just stubbornness.

The Trevers railway situation right now
Either way, I started designing this new landmass for Trevers, which finally solved this ugly river failure that had been sitting there all that time like a big stain on the map. Everything was planned offline beforehand, so the actual transformation of the island only took an hour. Since then, I am completely in love with how it looks. The smaller islands on the top of the peninsula, the new meandering Ansy with some coastal islands, it looks great. The west coast will also be overhauled a bit, probably with less docks and more space for parks and other coastal stuff people can enjoy. I also updated my expectations after two years of starting working on this city. In short, it will have more national and (I hope) international impact while keeping all the nice things I love so much about Trevers. 🖤

Redoing railways

The next step are the natural features, but also the railways. With that last part I have started a few days ago, completely improving on the existing island railways. On the east side of Unity Station and near the University you can see where the old lines used to be and the entire new section. The line is much smoothter and allows for fast high speed trains on this route. Now I'm rebuilding Mantess and West Cross and the entire west section of the railways in the city. Rails are closer together, platforms make more sense and the space near the stations will be transformed into vibrant commercial areas. Updates on that are now being done offline, but will be updated in pieces when I'm sure about what I've done 😆. Unity will be updated later this month, with slightly adjusted platforms, more businesses and a metro station underneath the railway station building.

I was also thinking about building a tunnel to Concordia station so (high speed) trains could approach the Airport from Unity. In the old situation these would have departed from Concordia itself. Concordia is at an inconvenient location since it's so far out of town. but was one of the termini of Trevers when railways came to the city. Later, Unity would take the national connections and Concordia would only be used from local and regional trains to the north. It also made more sense to run international high speed trains from Unity. But the airport was on the other side of town. The tunnel would solve that problem, and would also add two new stations to the city commuter rail, that will open in 2020. Besides that, some things will change on the metro network too. You will see more of that when neighbourhoods are (re)build.


Let's talk Geolympic

Last of all – as some might have seen already – I launched the bid for the 1936 Summer Geolympics in Trevers. If not, be sure to check it out. The Geolympic Park will be located in the blocks east of Seneca Stadium, and the former Geolympic Village would have been on the west side of the stadium. Although there is not much at the moment, building the Geolympic Park is high on the priority list and it will be done before the end of this year. In writing the 1936 history, I already held this space for this event to have taken place. Now, it felt like the right time to set a bid for the Games. They would have been great in Trevers at the time, while being in the peaceful period between several anarchistic attacks and civil wars, would have been a very beautiful city at the time. The Geolympic Park and Village will initially be build in the 1936 style (except for the Seneca Stadium block, I really like it like this and would not want to waste it, but it would be not that different), and will later (with the building of the rest of the area) be reconstructed to modern times. More information will follow and can be checked out on the mentioned bid wiki page. (Sorry for the many parantheses, I really love to point things out all of the sudden in the middle of my sentences).

Oh yeah, on the right side is the logo I made. Very simple, but great for 1936, when this looked kind of modernish.

That's it for now, I hope you enjoyed reading this and if you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please put them below.

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