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Location of Paroy in Tarephia
Administrative divisions of Paroy

Paroy (/pərɔɪ/), officially the Republic of Paroy (Franquese: République du Paroy), is a federal republic in the southern part of Tarephia, in the northwest of the Beaudrian Peninsula, where it connects to the Tarephian mainland. The country is composed of 11 states and a federal district in which the capital and largest city, Coleraine, is located. Other major metropoles include Trevers, Helena, Bluemond and Emison. Paroy is moderately populated, with nearly 60 million inhabitants taking up the country's area of 394,181 km2. The country is highly urbanised with most large metropoles along both the west and east coast. Furthermore, the country is bordered by Hudley in the south and east, Efterine in the northwest and Dania in the northeast. The most common languages spoken are Ingerish and Franquese. Paroy is a member of the Ingerish Commonwealth and the Assembly of Nations.

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