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This is an attempt to organise public transporation in Trevers and its metropolitan area.

Public transport in Trevers consists of a developed network of railway, subway, tram, bus and city ferry lines. Public transport serves a very important role in Trevers, as large expressways only exist outside the inner city and the traffic the spur can handle is limited. An average of 38% of daily trips in the city are made using public transport. Besides excellent local and regional connections, Trevers is also an important hub for national and international connections.

Info icon 001.svg This article is currently a stub. It may – or may not – be expanded in the future.


BSicon LDER.svg High speed rail

HS 1 Trevers UnityEmison PembertonGlendaleBluemond CentralColeraine Gare du Midi
Trevers UnityBluemond CentralColeraine Gare du Midi (express service)
Trevers UnityEmison PembertonBluemond Central (peak service)

BSicon BAHN.svg Intercity rail

BSicon TRAIN2.svg Commuter rail

C1 Ansley Central - Dulwich - Readdon - Langdale North - Langdale - Wuttick - Hale - Callabay - Port Trevers - East Sallingham - Finneckley - Yonkers - Chadfield - Unity - Mantess - Unity - Foster - Lattimore - Springvale - University - West Greeley - Greeley - Oakbrook - Alberton Cobton - Alberton Central - Alberton Garby - ...


List of railway stations

Work in progress This list is incomplete. It will be expanded in the future.
= served by local and intercity trains, operated by National Rail; = served by local National Rail trains only, operating from 2020 under the Trevers CityLink network, operated by METRE.

Stations in City of Trevers

  • Trevers Unity Station - This is Trevers main station. High speed trains terminate here.
  • Alberton Central
  • Alberton Cobton
  • Alberton Garby
  • Alberton Linetti
  • Alberton West
  • Callabay
  • Cashton
  • Caufford
  • Chapping Road
  • Trevers Concordia - A station on the west bank of the Ansy mouth, serving the neighbourhood of Concordia. High speed trains terminate here.
  • Connsburgh - A local station on the line to Alinde and Gracey. Also terminus for Trevers Metro line 2.
  • Crenlow
  • Trevers Crystal City - An underground railway station on the south of the island. Planned as local, it is now served by intercity trains to south-western Paroy as well. Is located in the middle of Trevers' largest business district.
  • Trevers Dalson - Formerly the main railway station for the City of Dalson, it now is an intercity railway station for the neighbourhoods directly located in the southeast across the island.
  • Detford
  • East Sallingham
  • Finneckley Street
  • Fletcher - A railway station located in the district of Fletcher.
  • Trevers Fletcher International - An underground railway station for the Trevers Fletcher International Airport.
  • Foster - Originally an intercity station, now an elevated local train station in the Foster neighbourhood.
  • Trevers Greeley
  • Greeley West
  • Hollow
  • Trevers Hudlow
  • Irvington Central
  • Trevers Lattimore (Lattimore-Seneca) - An intercity railway station serving as the main station for the south-eastern neighbourhoods of the island. It is close to the Seneca Stadium.
  • Leroy
  • Leroy North
  • Leroy South
  • Mantess - Elevated railway station on the line to Ansley. Used to be the transfer station for the line to Melwick.
  • Monument Green
  • Morford Road
  • Myrtle Springs
  • New Florence-Expo
  • North Caufford
  • Oakbrook
  • Prestonsburgh - An intercity railway station across the island in the city of Prestonsburgh
  • Prestonsburgh East
  • Prestonsburgh South
  • Rockwood
  • Rockwood North
  • Saint Matthews
  • South Greeley
  • Spencerville
  • Starford
  • Starford Divaldi
  • Union Fields
  • Trevers University
  • Waverly Road
  • Trevers West Cross
  • West Irvington
  • Trevers Yonkers

Stations in and around Ansley

  • Ansley Central - Main intercity terminus railway station for Ansley
  • Ansley Pembrooke - Another intercity terminus railway station, still disconnected from Ansley Central
  • Cansbury
  • Dersingham
  • Dulwich
  • Gellisham
  • Locksley
  • Rosslea
  • Tipton
  • Welshbury
  • Willford
  • Willford Junction
  • Woltham

Former stations in Trevers

BSicon SUBWAY-CHN.svg Metro

Warning! At this time, the Trevers Metro is being reconsidered and will probably change fundamentally in the near future, as the city is growing. The information beneath is not representative.
Main article: Trevers Metro
1 MatlockChesslerMallorjheWest CrossMonument GreenWaverly CrossUnity StationTextileSeventh/WaverlyMorrisCrystal City/GTCAnsy WharfAlinde
2 Fletcher InternationalFletcher International WestAlfordStarfordConcordiaMonument ParkWaverly CrossUnity StationTextileSeventh/WaverlyMorrisCrystal City/GTCAnsy WharfPrestonsburghConnsburgh
3 Rockwood • SenecaSpringvaleUniversityGreeleyOakbrook
4 Crystal City/GTCMorrisSeventh/WaverlyClarkNorth KingStratfordNew FlorenceFosterSenecaSpringvaleUniversity • Madelon • ConcordiaLeroy
5 Triangle PlazaCisperMercatorCrystal ParkCrystal City/GTCRepublicGaciers PlazaFranqaiseExpoUniversity • Madelon • LyncourtStarfordSouth IrvingtonYonkersMatlock
6 Crystal City/GTCRepublicGaciers PlazaFranqaiseExpoSpringvaleConcordiaHollow CivicWaverly CrossPiermontOalkeeCrystal ParkWestmont Docks • Falcony Bank • Yanell GardensAlbertville CentralLinetti
7 IrvingtonSouth IrvingtonConcordiaHollow CivicFosterNew FlorenceMyrtle SpringsDalson • Nathal Springs
8 Fletcher InternationalFletcher International WestAlfordCauffordIrvingtonSouth Irvington • Rockwood • Hammond ParkUnity MarketUnity StationTextileSeventh/WaverlyMorrisCrystal City/GTC
9 Projected opening November 2017

BSicon TRAM.svg Tram/Light rail

Central Trevers

20 Maritime Melwick ↔ Harbourfront South ↔ July Square ↔ Ganado ↔ Weston ↔ Unity Station ↔ Hammond Park ↔ Brewton ↔ Earlston
21 Harbourfront North ↔ Harbourfront South ↔ July Square ↔ Ganado ↔ Weston ↔ Unity Station ↔ Clark Street ↔ Stratford ↔ New Florence
41 Unity Station ↔ STAR Centre ↔ Ganniff Place ↔ Fishmarket ↔ Powell Square ↔ Ganniff MC ↔ Jackson Point ↔ Crystal City Station/GTC ↔ Exchange Place ↔ Rambarra Circus
60 Lattimore Light Rail: Unity Station ↔ Queen Street ↔ Callong Drive ↔ Foster ↔ Lattimore North ↔ Lattimore Central ↔ Port Lattimore ↔ North Springs ↔ Myrtle Springs ↔ North Challeton ↔ Challeton



BSicon BUS.svg Bus

  • The Pen (20-99) [shared with trams]
  • Borough Vale Heights, Caufford, Starford (100-199)
  • Leroy, University, Amberfield (200-299)
  • Alberton City Lines (300-329)
  • Alberton Region, Barton (330-379)
  • Trevers Fletcher Airport Connectors (380-399)
  • South, Prestonsburgh, Dalson, Pathstow (400-499)
  • San Mateo and North (500-599)
  • Ansley City Lines (600-639)
  • Ansley Region (640-699)
  • Gracey City Lines (700-729)
  • Gracey Region (730-799)
  • Express Buses via Downtown Trevers (800-849)
  • Express Buses (850-899)
  • FerryLink (900-919)
  • School Buses (920-969)
  • Metro-Replacing Buses (970-999)

Bus services will appear soon

BSicon BOOT.svg Ferry

Most METRE Ferries are operated 24 hours and are free. Only Express lines have limited operation times and require a fee.

F1 Westmont Docks → San Mateo Central
F2 San Mateo Central → Westmont Docks
F3 Maritime Melwick → Expo via Melwick Beach, Upper Arcott, Bay Island, Crystal Promenade, Prestonsburgh West, Prestonsburgh Central Ferry, Ansy Park, Nardin and Port Lattimore
F4 Expo → Maritime Melwick via Port Lattimore, Nardin, Ansy Park, Prestonsburgh Central Ferry, Prestonsburgh West, Crystal Promenade, Bay Island, Upper Arcott and Melwick Beach
F8 AnsyLink: Albertville Linetti → Wilkinson Street (Port of Trevers)
F9 AnsyLink: Wilkinson Street (Port of Trevers) → Albertville Linetti
F11 Westmont Docks → San Mateo Central [EXPRESS]
F12 San Mateo Central → Westmont Docks [EXPRESS]
F13 Upper Arcott → Expo via Crystal Promenade, Prestonsburgh Central Ferry, Ansy Park and Port Lattimore [EXPRESS]
F14 Expo → Upper Arcott via Port Lattimore, Ansy Park, Prestonsburgh Central Ferry and Crystal Promenade [EXPRESS]

BSicon BICYCLE.svg Bicycle

Trevers counts about 20 Cycle Highways. Cycle Highways are important bicycle paths crossing the city on routes that are most used. Cycle Highways often have right of way or grade seperated crossings with main roads and thus provide a fast way to commute by bicycle.

C3: West Manton Cycle Highway ↔ Manton Cycle Highway
C6: North Harbourfront Cycle Highway (C6a) ↔ South Harbourfront Cycle Highway (C6b)