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Hello. I'm Portopolis. I'm the owner of Lallemand and Hoppon. I currently live in Houston, Texas and I'm in my final year of High School. I am of Nigerian heritage, and another thing I am a murder statistics junkie and love to talk about crime and socioeconomic conditions etc. I only speak English, but I can understand some rudimentary Turkish and cuss words in Spanish (Play Soccer in Houston once you'll know what I mean).

Feel free to contact me about any of my maps, countries, or projects by messaging me at Portopolis on the main OpenGeofiction Site or through the discussion page on this page. This page is basically a inspired by Ernestcoby's setup.

My Projects





User:Portopolis/Sandbox/Post-New Years-Showcase



Axian History

I probably did this wrong so can someone help me fix this later as I absolutely am terrible at wiki related code (but I ironically decided to lead an Axian History Bliki), As you can see the format for this Bliki was the original format of Aces California's Bliki. -Portopolis

Modern Axian Peninsula

A map of countries, major cities, interesting locations and their status.

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Axian Culture and Identity

Any cultural trait that makes Axians unique or special from the rest of Uletha

Prehistoric Axia

Concrete information would be put here, actual discussion will take place under Discussion


Ancient Migrations

List of Prehistoric Civilizations



Historic Axia

Everything discovered through documents of the first empires, cities and towns, this will focus from the first true "country" of Axia till now, usually from the year 2000-3000 B.C and/or earlier depending on were human civilization began

List of Empires

Effects on Today

Solo Projects

Any individual projects that could be tied into historical Axian Peninsula.

Ongoing Projects

Country Project Location Map
Lost country.png Tierajas-Verdes

Completed Projects

Country Project Location Map


Any project that has two or more Axians working together relate4d to Axian History.

Ongoing Projects

Country Project Location Map
Hoppon.png Hoppon

Completed Projects

Country Project Location Map