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Since 5 December 2014 I have been working on three sites in Open Geofiction. I first expanded Hamabaurgs (map, a town in south Lost country.png West Commonia) and was then given AR063, or Lost country.png Řots or Lost country.png Xsegunis, and (in December 2015) UL070d, or Flagwyster.png Wyster ( map). In December 2019 I abandoned Xsegunis and got UL040 instead to expand Wyster.


December 2019 - Xsegunis turned out not to work quite as I had hoped either so after discussion with the admins I exchanged it for UL040 south of Wyster. Wystrian as a language has worked fine for the purposes described below so I will expand Wyster and abandon my spot in southwest Archanta.

August 2018 - Having grown increasingly dissatisfied with the way I set up Řots, I decided to overhaul that country completely. Although I intend to maintain the five areas that I have mapped in some detail (Nekkar, the coastal/border area next to Karvaland, the tri-border area with Karvaland and Triaquie, the southeastern coastal area between Neo Delta and Gann, and the town of Ronsep), the country's language (and therefore its name, which will become Xsegunis) and political and societal setup will be changed. The country's character as dominated by an indigenous people that used to be bigger until the arrival of the Ingallish etc. will remain.

The new language will still be a conlang, called Xseget, but unlike Řotsnan it will - hopefully - allow me a quicker 'map-and-name' process.

If your country has dealings with Řots, please send me a PM so that we can discuss what Řots becoming Xsegunis will mean to your country!

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Possible response languages:

  • Good: Deutsch, English, Français, Lëtzebuergesch, Nederlands
  • Mediocre: Dansk, Italiano, Norsk, Русский, Svenska
  • Bad: Frysk, Português


I have been geofictionally active since my puberty. Some of my other projects can be found here, or here.