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This page is a collection of in- and out-of-universe info regarding Kalisaanyan mapping standards. I'm starting to put them here instead of across innumerable documents hosted on my local machine so I can actually remember where the information is

Roads Tagging


Rural Roads

  • highway=motorway : National (A) and Prefectural Aatokorakiien. Roads MUST[1] meet minimum standards for limited access roads: Divided (grass median or centre barrier), 2 lanes per direction, Full hard shoulder, All limited access junctions. Standard Restrictions: No pedestrians, farm implements, animals on foot, motorcycles under 50cc. Standard speed limit 100-120km/h
  • highway=trunk : Intercity routes of greater importance, Substandard National (A) Aatokorakiien, Primary National (R) Roads. Roads which are functionally as important as those tagged as highway=motorway, but do not meet minimum standards. Substandard Aatokorakiien generally fall into 2 "substandards": 2+2 divided or 2+2 single carriageway without full hard shoulders, speed limit 90-100km/h (seen primarily north of the Tsyan River); 1+2 cable barrier single carriageways, speed limit 80-100km/h (nearly all Aatokorakiien south of the Tsyan River outside metro areas). No standards for Primary R-Roads
  • highway=primary : Secondary R-Roads, Primary prefectural roads (non-Motorway or Trunk standard). Generally connect high-to-middle importance settlements to the national trunk/motorway network
  • highway=secondary : Secondary prefectural roads. Link middle-to-low importance settlements to each other and the national network
  • highway=tertiary : Major tertiary prefectural roads (in prefectures with tertiary level assignment systems), Primary Kantan roads (in prefectures where Kantans can sign roads), other roads of local importance. Links villages and points of interest to the secondary network.
  • highway=unclassified : Minor tertiary prefectural roads (in prefectures with tertiary level assignment systems), Secondary Kantan roads (in prefectures where Kantans can sign roads), Named roads in rural areas which primarily connect to other local roads
  • highway=residential : Minor roads which are primarily destinations (i.e. used only by people traveling to/from destinations located on that road)
  • highway=track : Unpaved routes providing access to minor destinations. Unpaved roads that form integral parts of the network down to highway=residential should be tagged with surface=*

Urban Roads

  • highway=motorway : Same as for rural areas, except with relaxed standards due to construction date and location
  • highway=trunk : Cross city trunk routes, either surface roads or near-Aatokorakii routes
  • highway=primary : Main arterials of metro area importance that do not meet highway=motorway or highway=trunk criteria
  • highway=secondary : Main arterials of local area importance. Main connectors between suburbs and satellite cities
  • highway=tertiary : Secondary arterials of local area importance, major access routes around neighborhoods
  • highway=unclassified : Non-residential access routes, minor thoroughfares
  • highway=residential : residential streets.
  • highway=service : alleys, driveways, entrances, etc.
  1. exceptions can and will exist, think [former] A6144(M) or I-93 in Franconia Notch


Major Routes (Aatokorakiien, The Imperial Roads, Routes of National Significance)

Major routes do not necessarily have the same name=* and ref=* combination for their full length (especially in the case of The Imperial Roads), so two relations should be made; one for the name and one for the ref This scheme only applies to routes of national importance

Minor Routes

Classified roads should eventually be entirely defined through route relations, though this process will be slow as minor routes should only be given relations once complete. Names for minor routes are less appropriate for tagging via relations, and should be tagged on the ways themselves


grade=* isced:level=* Group Meaning Notes
West East South Ingerish
AE 0 AEK AE Junior Kindergarten "Amnavareska Eriinda" Birth School - Preschool Not offered in all districts, optional
K 1 Junior "Kindaar" - Kindergarten Optional in some prefectures
0 Junior "Introductory" - First Grade
1 Primary "First Year" - Second Grade
2 "Second Year" - Third Grade
3 "Third Year" - Fourth Grade
4 Secondary "Fourth Year" - Fifth Grade
5 2 Secondary Secondary "Fifth Year" - Sixth Grade
6 Secondary "Sixth Year" - Seventh Grade
7 "Seventh Year" - Eighth Grade
8 Form Form "Eighth Year" - Ninth Grade
9 Form "Ninth Year" - Tenth Grade
10 Form "Tenth Year" - Eleventh Grade
11 3 "Eleventh Year" - Twelfth Grade
12 4 Prep "Preparatory" - Thirteenth Grade Not offered in all districts, optional
5-6 University

Topo Grids

Geoscience Kalisaanyo 30-minute Quadrangles (for topo mapping)

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