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Disclaimer: the views expressed in this Bliki are those of this user only, and do not necessarily reflect the views - private or public - of the Federal Peninsula of Canwyru. Then again, they would ask me to say that, wouldn't they?

Starting a Bliki two days after launching a project? That's all you really need to know about me, a relative stranger with the right to a piece of land in Archanta. A pleasure to meet you.

Had a decent crack at editing the last few days, so let's try and remember everything I've been up to:

  • Declaring AR006 as the Federal Peninsula of Canwyru;
  • Blanking the (relatively undeveloped) land, save for a few small woods;
  • Drawing two main rainforest sections in JOSM - Broadland Major and Broadland Minor - and wishing I spent more of my years editing OpenStreetMap using an editor other than iD;
  • Following the beginner's bible by drawing motorways everywhere;
  • Realising I'd only drawn four main trunk routes and actually that's pretty reasonable for now;
  • Following the OGF guide and drawing something that isn't a motorway (read: rivers);
  • Back into JOSM to tidy some things up, and trying to make coastlines look more realistic;
  • Oh look, a hamlet! Hello The Buckland, population 88. Your detached houses will look wonderful tucked away alongside the border of an undeveloped country on an otherwise empty primary road! Speaking of random developments...;
  • about those two rail lines you placed under the roundabout linking State Highway 1 with State Highway 3 in the north? Better do something about that;
  • Deleting left over road segments - oops. Attention to detail and all that;
  • That north coastline is looking in need of realistic-ing up. Yes, that is a word;
  • Thinking about how I'll actually write the Wiki article reminds me that for the sake of verisimilitude I should have an economy that is functioning;
  • Oh hello construction projects! That hydro-electric dam project should support a town next to it right?;
  • Drawing/re-drawing a border control point, because I live in Australia and the concept of land borders bewilders me
  • Deciding on three main cities and their functions - Bellevue, the economic capital and largest city; Port Tucker, the new (1990s-onwards) industrial capital; and New Fitzroy, the cultural and administrative capital (and national capital!), and;
  • Drawing a proper motorway. A beginner has come full circle.

The humidity hasn't gotten to me yet, but best keep an eye on that.

Signing off, --Suburbandecay (talk) 21:46, 16 August 2019 (AEST)

Comment away

Hello. Seems like you managed to claim my former territory. Have fun with that. It isn't bad so far; hope you start developing some towns. Where will the capital be?--Happy mapping and God blesses you, ZK (talk) 02:43, 17 August 2019 (CEST)