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5, 47.7, 80.0
Surian Confederation
CapitalЖелезня (Zheleznya)
Largest cityРадогож (Radogozh)
Official languagesSurian, the northern dialect (Russian identical)
 • National languagesthe southern dialect Surian, Kaskay, Bardash, Kumyl, Marvish
Ethnic Groups
Surian, Kaskay, Bardash, Kumyl, Marvian, Mordvinian, Miotian, others
NationalitiesSurian, Charian, Bardash, others
GovernmentUnion of socialist republics
 • Канцлер (Councellor)Валерий Полянин (Valery Polyanin)
 • Total1,919,000 km2
 • Census (2021 estimate)101 443 000
 • Density52,9/km2
 • Total$2,004 trillion
 • Per capita$21,980
HDI (2014).77
CurrencySurian Altyn (SUA)

Suria is a confederation of ten socialist republics in the Central Uletha, formed in 1912 after abolition of monarchy. On the North it borders with Unie der Dagelanden, on the Northwest the Kingdom of Pretany, on the West the Plevia, on the Southwest -- Demirhan Empire, on the Southeast Ispelia, on the NorthEast - Egalia and rarely populated mountain area UL102. On the South, in Chara Republic, Surian lands goes to the coast of Miotian sea, and in northen republics - to the Great rift of Glynian sea.


Suria could mean "land of harsh winds", as the adjective "surovyj" (the harsh) may formed from Proto-Velitic *sѣverъ -- "northern wind".


Suria first appeared in 845 AD as a tribal anti-Kalmish union of Central Velites. This union was led by Sved -- first duke of Suria.



Climatic conditions in Suria are contrasting, what determined by its position in the central part of the continent, between 40 and 55.5 degrees north latitude. Access precipitation from west blocked by west Satria mountains; southern tropical air masses generally do not rise above the mountains on the Chara coast. Everywhere in country climate is arid, maximum precipitation occurs in spring and summer. So, cold, but non-snowy winters complicate agriculture in most parts of Suria. The climate in Suria is extreme continental, except the north (Lido) and south (Chara Coast) parts of country. Coastal part of Chara is the only region, where the climate is similar to the mediterranean. The country territory is in the steppe and desert natural zones. Deserts dominate the east, in the republic Chobouk. The Republic of Tabriz has a pronounced high-altitude zone: less than 1 km away the desert, from 1 to 2 km - dry heaths and scrub, from 2 to 3 km - woodlands, and Alpian meadows higher. In the inner Arhyz Bardash republic mountain steppes are dominated, and forests almost don't exist. Republics Marv and Livadia, as well as the southern part of the Sur republic, are located in classical steppe landscape, which transform in open woodlands and thickets saxaul at altitudes above 500 m. The northern part of the Republic Sur and the Republic Lido differ wetter (up to 500 mm / year) climate. Here is dominated steppe landscape, and on the slopes of the mountains - coniferous forests. Only in the far north near the town of Myrgorod forest boundary come down to sea level. Glaciers in the White Mountains begin with heights of 2.5 km, whereas in the mountains Arkhyz - only 4 km (because of the extremely arid climate). The maximum precipitation (over 2,000 mm) falls in the mountains Gondra (Chara) and on the slopes of the volcano Markaruk (White Mountains). In the western part of the country Chobouk there are regions where rainfall does not happen for several years.

The climatic conditions of the main cities:

city republic latitude height, m geographic region July T, C January T, C rainfall,mm climate type similar place on Earth
Mirgorod Lido 54,4 5 Great Rift Sound 19 -9 510 mixed forests Ulyanovsk, Russia
Radogozh Sur 51,7 10 Bahroma river delta 20 -10 390 forest-steppe Saratov, Russia
Zaraina Karyz 51,7 620 Karyz mountains 19 -14 260 steppe Astaha, Kazakhstan
Bardash Bardash 50,2 212 Inner Arhyz, Bardash lake 22 -10 390 forest-steppe Orenburg, Russia
Zheleznya Sur 49,9 490 White mountains 19 -14 280 mountain steppe
Osnya Sur 48,4 30 Bahroma river Lower valley 26 -8 370 steppe Volgograd, Russia
Sheridan Tabriz 47,2 1150 Tabriz mountains 19 -9 410 mountain sparse forest
Chobouk Chobouk 45,9 400 Big Smooth desert 26 -5 180 semidesert Asrakhan, Russia
Yarsa Marv 44,9 85 Bahroma river Middle valley 28 -5 190 semidesert Kyzylorda, Kazakhstan
Sinevit Livadia 44,6 180 Livadia plateu, Myurmet valley 27 -5 350 steppe Alma-Ata, Kazakhstan
Dobryn Chara 42,3 160 Mordvinian land 27 1 250 steppe Tashkent, Uzbekistan
Chara Chara 41,3 510 Hor mountains 21 2 790 mountain forest Sofia, Bulgaria
Ordyn Chara 40,3 35 Miotida sea coast 24 7 520 Mediterranian climate Stambul, Turkey



Administrative divisions

Suria consists of 10 republics, which devided to regions, which in turn devided to urban and rural settlements. Nominal country capital is the city Железня (Zheleznya) in Sur republic, but main part of powers concentrated in the capitals of the republics.

Republic Surian L Code Capital Area (km2)* Population Density Urbanization
Sur Сур СУР (1) Radogozh 785 900 58 564 000 74,52 74%
Lido Лидо ЛИД (2) Mirgorod 69 400 11 144 300 161 87%
Chara Чара ЧАР (3) Chara; Ordyn' 202 200 19 125 000 100,7 75%
Marv Марв МАР (4) Yarsa 98 400 4 010 000 39,9 58%
Bardash Бардаш БАР (5) Bardash 89,500 3,227,000 35,8 52%
Livadia Ливадия ЛИВ (6) Sinevit 142,000 1,870,000 18,9 61%
Karyz Карыз КАР (7) Zaraina 88,800 1,938,000 21,78 71%
Chobouk Чубук ЧУБ (8) Chobouk 405,000 1,525,000 3,57 52%
Tabriz Табриз ТАБ (9) Sheridan 37,900 840,000 22,2 62%
West Kartlegia Западная Картлегия ЗКА (10) Pirosmani 12 215 371 000 30 less than 65%
  • -Area are excluding the coastal waters and waters of the lake Lido


Surian confederation posesses a united Confederate Army. Before Doctrine Change in 19XX, it was called The Universal Labour Army.

Foreign relations





Largest cities (with more than 400,000 inhabitants):

City Surian Republic Inhabitants Metro area
1 Radogozh Радогож Sur 5,259,000 Largest in Suria: ~7,800,000 in Radogozh metro area official borders (with cities Edinets, Kotlovo, Insha, Yazykov, towns Kovdor, Robovo, Terpenev, Tsar docks)
2 Mirgorod Миргород Lido 2,102,000 2nd place: ~3,300,000 in metro area official borders and ~6,000,000 with nearest cities Almeria, Tangora, Bentia, Zvyozdny, etc
3 Osnya Осня Sur 2,062,000 4th place: ~2,400,000 with nearest towns Sholohov, Ezhov, Staritsa, etc
4 Armeria Армерия Lido 1,523,000 in Mirgorod-Armeria metro area
5 Gumilyov Гумилёв Sur 1,495,000 5th place: ~1,650,000
6 Chara Чара Chara 1,180,000 6-7th place
7 Yarsa Ярса Marv 988,000 6-7th place: ~1,200,000
8 Ordyn Ордынь Chara 922,000 3rd place: 2,740,000 in Big Ordyn' metro area
9 Bardash Бардаш Bardash 913,000
10 Lomov Ломов Sur 890,000
11 Edinets Единец Sur 852,000 in Radogozh metro area
12 Shelda Шельда Lido 778,000
13 Zheleznya Железня Sur 695,000
14 Tangora Тангора Lido 609,000 in Mirgorod-Armeria metro area
15 Sinevit Синевит Livadia 544,000
16 Podporozhye Подпорожье Sur 528,000
17 Onegin Онегин Chara 518,000
18 Blagovestie Благовестье Sur 508,000
19 Ruza Руза Chara 463,000 in Ordyn' metro area
20 Shodnya Сходня Sur 455,000
21 Seredets Середец Sur 452,000
22 Kotlovo Котлово Sur 449,000 in Radogozh metro area
23 Gagarin Гагарин Chara 443,000
24 Zhigachyov Жигачёв Sur 426,000
25 Mokosh Мокош Sur 414,000


Education in Suria starts from the age of 7. Visiting school is mandatory from 1st to 9th grade. After 9th grade, one could choose between "specialized secondary education", presented in professional education facilities, or continue their schooling up to 11th grade. Primary, secondary and tertiary education were made free. This was guaranteed by 1975 Constitution.
There is still a huge gap in education span: average Lidoan, for example, will spend 15,1 years educating, while...







The only national broadcaster association in Suria is The Union of Broadcasters and Press. It controls the news on radio, in newspapers and on the television as well.
Radio code for Surian broadcast stations is Sxxx.
Prior to 1960s, Surian TV was simulcasted by isolated republican-level transmitters. National Surian TV network formed in 1964 with the lauching of satellite network named "Molnija(The Lightning Bolt)". It consists of two main channels: First Programme and Second Programme. Third programme is reserved for the main channels of republics. International broadcasting is being performed via satellite channel called "TSS 24".


Suria participated at following Geolympiades: