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Sorry for not writing a bliki in awhile, as I've been busy and I haven't mapped much recently. However, I did collaborate with User:Louis walker on creating a sort of similar history behind our countries and region, which I'll talk about later in the bliki. Another interesting thing happened today, in which some user decided to map in my territory. I'm not even mad at him, and it's kinda neat that someone new noticed Gamen and wanted to map in it.

Work on Gamen's history

Recently, I've been working on Gamen's history, and have been discussing sorta often with User:Louis walker on a framework of history (You can see what he has here: User:Louis walker/Sandbox/Patermas History. Anyways, we've both agreed on a sort of 'frenemy' relation between our countries, with times of being allies and other times of being at war, including the concept of the 'Sand Wars', a war that started over Patermas' trade blockades of Gameni ships and escalated into a war over the Gamenis putting steep taxes on sand from the Serion, affecting Patermas' glassmaking trade, and eventually cutting off the flow. I've been writing the article of the History Of Gamen, writing about the early days of the Gameni sultanate and the short-lived occupation of Patermas up to a time some years before the 'Sand wars' fully began. We've also collaborated on regional agriculture, climate, features, etc.

Gamen vandalized??

So yeah, a new user today mapped a train station and a town or two in Gamen, which I find kinda neat. It looks like it's since been reverted, but it's cool and all that someone new to the site would notice the area and feel like adding on to it. Sorry for this bliki being shorter (and featuring less content) than usual, but later blikis should have more mapping content, since I'll be able to map more.

Comments and Feedback

All suggestions and feedback will be appreciated, as always, and happy mapping --TheHolyEpicpenguin (talk) 22:13, 25 January 2018 (CET)

Big thumbs-up on cross-border collaboration! Patermas is unquestionably a more interesting place (and a much more engaging project) because it has awesome neighbors. B-) And nice chill on the "vandal" in your midst...I'd probably have been more annoyed than you seem to be haha. -- LW (talk) 09:26, 26 January 2018 (EST)