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Hey everyone, and welcome to my first bliki in 2019!...And my first bliki in nearly 6 months. Unfortunately, I've been busy during the first half of the schoolyear and haven't found any time for mapping in Natrinia at all. I have been busy mapping to make up for the lost time over the past few days, however, and I would like to share some of the progress I've made today.

Natrinia Countryside

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My focus for my recent mapping has been mapping out the countryside in southeastern Natrinia around the town of Tansid. I've based my countryside mapping slightly of that of User:Histor in his state of Oakhill, as well as some of the mapping of User:Voivod in Passamaqueets. I am trying to add complete some of the countryside in the area within the next few days, and I will also be working on Morsboro from time to time during these updates as well.

Morsboro Work + City Sprint

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Speaking of Morsboro, I have taken strides in developing the suburb regions of the city as well as detailed mapping in the downtown of the city. I've mapped the locations and buildings for several (currently unnamed) restaurants, bars, pubs, and storefronts in what I'm planning to be the 'tourism' hub of the city, as well as a few hotels and even nightclubs. I'll work on mapping out some buildings in Capital Park sooner or later, as well as eventual work on the University of Natrinia and further suburb mapping near the Natrinia Speedway.

Looking through the wiki, I've stumbled upon User:Louis_walker's City Spint, which looks like an excellent idea to increase mapping activity as well as for users to help each other in their mapping. I'll sign up for the City Sprint with the focus city (probably) being Morsboro when I get around to it.

In either case, thank you all for reading today's bliki, and I look forward to your feedback! (If you feel like it)

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