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The Daily Blik - 2017/08/20

Thoughts about previous Bliki

Filling empty space

Even as that is working out slower than expected, it actually yields the expected result. It's not perfect yet, but for zoom levels 10 to 12 it looks nice.

Reorganising territories

I reorganized a bit, but then I thought the borders are not weird enough. So I created three new territories here [1], with lots of exclaves the size of one village.

Anyway, after a while I got a bit dissatified with everything...

Getting a bit dissatisfied with everything

How to start? I think it started with a discussion here, where we did not really figure out, what is the point of OGF or what should it be.

What I see in it: A place where I can map what I otherwise mapped offline. So it is a) a better infrastucture (stored on servers and having updated mapping styles) and b) other people can watch and explore it. Also the Wiki is helpful to give background information.

I want to create something like a piece of art. Art from my point of view. No one else needs to like it. But I want to like it. And that eventually lead to one conclusion which I clould not get rid again for over a month. Land borders to neighbours, especially to unclaimed neighbours, don't fit into my plan. I can see, that some areas on the other side of the borders will stay blank for years.

I need to move on

What I don't like currently:

  • The territory is too close to the equator to have snowy areas.
  • The territory is too landlocked to have a reasonable seafaring history.
  • I don't have full control of the shape of the territory.

My idea is to move further South. Preferably to the Southwestern coast of any Southern continent. About 100km away from the continent's mainland. Of course, I'm not in the position to create island nations. (If I could, everyone could. Imagine how that would look. The Commonian Ocean?)

So, at the moment I didn't get permission for creating it in the Eastern Hemisphere. I respect that decision and will not comment on. The other possibility is getting a new territory in the Western Hemisphere, but it is impossible to predict, when that will happen.

Anyway, that's also a decision I made: I will not continue to develop the current territory as a whole. I don't see any point to continue to work on it. I donät like it anymore.

While I wait, I prepare plans for the new territory. I did some lange scale planning here. The size is more or less equivalent to the current territory, so everthing should fit in. The islands' contours I prepared locally in a osm file. I already copied some nicer details from the current territory, like the lakes and some internal borders. The majority of mapping will be moved in smaller patches to different locations onceit happens.

This means I cannot do much large scale mapping, neither online nor offline, as I don't yet know, where the existing stuff ends up exactly. I can continue some small scale mapping, which I do occasionally, but that is not really satisfying.


I am bored.

For the moment, there is not much I can do but wait and prepare a little bit. You won't see much mapping from me soon. For most this should not make any difference, as there is not much interaction anyway. Occasionally I will dump some stuff in my Sandbox, but not too much: Don't overwikify your unmapped stuff.

So long,

and wake me up when the new continents come...

Comments are welcome, below the line

Please "sign and timestamp" your comments.

Hi, Toadwart. I know you weren't fishing for comments on the other post, but I was curious as to what you had mentioned and wandered over here. I am sorry for not seeing this earlier; I was basically away for all of August and most of September (I had a family member that was dying and needed to step in to take care of some things). Anyway, I wanted to comment because I recently felt much of your same frustrations. In fact, I still do. I agree that the site gives us a great outlet to do what we've done offline for years. I wish it were so simple in practice. I have three absentee neighbors, and their blank spaces make it very hard to plan any infrastructure (and sometimes terrain) that goes near my border. It's almost as if 20% of my territory isn't my own! It is beyond frustrating.

As for location, I also see your angst. I recently moved; it was equally the biggest pain and blessing since first getting a territory. If I read your post correctly, it seems like you asked the admin to create an island and had the idea turned down. What about carving out something from an existing territory? I see that Beligonia (AN150h) has been relinquished since this summer. Perhaps an island could be carved out of it? I may be speaking out of turn or where I shouldn't, but I thought it might be an interesting idea. When I moved, I did something like that. Keapler cut down his territory, Raiden, by about 75%. I approached the admin with a proposal that I had sketched out to split off a portion of the new territory. I found an area that met my needs for terrain, coastline access, climate, etc. and asked. The worst that could have happened was that they said no. As it turns out, I'm much happier with everything about my country (except the absentee neighbors, but that's a different issue). Granted, I wasn't changing a continental coastline.

Anyway, I'm sorry that you're bored. I've been there too. I like that you're doing some sandbox work. For me, I worked on the conlang I use to keep it interesting. Altogether, it adds up to progress. I hope things work you for you soon. Sorry for not seeing this earlier! — Alessa (talk) 23:32, 21 November 2017 (CET)

I wish you the best of luck! Master planning a new country can be difficult but I also know it can make a difference when you're unhappy with what you have. --Ernestpcosby (talk) 23:34, 21 November 2017 (CET)

The Daily Blik - 2017/04/02

Luciano's Mapper's Challenge #13 - April, 2017 - Better Boundaries, Better Neighbors

I already did something about the AR031-border last month when it became neutral. I thought about expanding my territory a bit, but due to the new expansion rules, I decided to just un-straighten the border. It contains still straight parts, but they are in inaccessibe territory anyway.

I haven't had any interesing idea about the Ciudaperr border yet, so that border will stay straight for a while.

The other borders seem to be ok for me.

Filling empty space

I managed to get some kind of place name generator running. Building motorways is no fun if you dont have villages to build around and name exits after. My plan is to fill an area along the river at the western border about 25km wide. Then some random patches of forest cover and then building parts of the trunk north south motorway and railway.

Loading map...

Reorganising territories

The number and type of sub national entities has grown a little over time. There are still the four large rural provinces and the province for the de-facto capital Whangiora.

There are also the seven city state provinces, four of which will be the place for a new urban area at the Miraya Delta. These are city state provinces are provinces like the other ones.

One overseas province also exists, with full province status.

I added a new German speaking autonomous province (still looking for a name), which has full province status, but bigger autonomy.

The Native territories are a bit of trouble. They are to scattered to be one province, but too small to be many provinces. They might be one common province with autonomous regions.

All of these provinces have the characteristics of provinces in a federal state. They have their own governments with their own electoral rules and election dates.

The Eastern Territories and Eastern Settlements are also a bit of trouble. I might probably merge them, depending on what the province status will be.

The Eastern Territories are the only inhabited territories. Other territories will have no "permanent residents". Every citizen will have residency in one of the provinces or the Eastern Territory. The territories therefore don't need political representation.

There is one new territory, The Admiralty, which is in charge of the port at Miraya Delta. It will be a free trade zone with border and/or custom checks.

The government and military base zone will not change.

And finally there is the Polar Base, which is a neither internationally recognized nor claimed territory. It is only counted as territory for internal purposes. I am not sure about what to do it anyway. I would like to see at least something going on there. Whaling or mining maybe, probably mostly disused. Depends on where the consesus about the islands goes to. At the moment is seems, that there is not much editing activity down there.