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Every week

Do you remember my last bliki? It was literally a month ago. If you don't here's a quick throwback: [...]but I'm going to try to update the Bliki every week.

Yeah, about that.... forget it, hehe. I might have underestimated my laziness. I'm not happy with the amount of mapping I'm creating. I feel like if I wanted I could do more, bigger, better and with smaller time intervals...*

Laziness, roads and a village

You know what have I done lately? Nothing. A big zero. Outside of one small nameless village just outside Śymjanowicy, I have accompilished virtually nothing that is worth mentioning since the last entry. Don't get me wrong, I've done more than I usually do - I've.... extended some roads? Laid down some... well, roads near the eastern border with Utterland? Extended a railway by a whopping amount of about-half-a-kilometre? When I say I'm lazy then I mean it. Anyway, enough of that. That's a village. It has a railway stop, a small church, a convenience shop and some houses. They are not even mapped. I'm too lazy. And I'm thinking about the scale of a usual building of this kind, as well as it's distance from the road, distance in between the houses and a way to quickly and easily map them. And I know that this village is propably not enough for a bliki entry, but whatever.

Loading map...


(And here I just run out of mapping to write about)

I've had some test exams lately. You propably know these - you're about to leave your school but first you have to write exams, and before you even do it you are given these "test" exams to remind you that you cannot use a blue pen on the actual exam or something like that. It didn't affect my mapping at all, I'm just lazy.

Wrapping up

To conclude this I'd just like to point out that I have propably overused the word "lazy" (this one doesn't count) in this entry. I just summed them up and in this masterpiece of a blog entry I've written it 4 times in just two short paragraphs of text. My internal journalist is crying in the corner, but I'm too busy procastrinating to fix it. If I feel like it I might do some mapping today tho. Maybe I'll make another village?

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