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Project page for the Franqueterre

Bliki, for those interested



Hello. My name is Zekiel Foncardas. I map DrapeauBMT.svg Beaumontan and the CCA-Flag2-01.jpg Commonwealth of Central Archanta.

Status of Projects

All of these parts can be done in tandem with the others. Just make sure that the natural features go first, and to do Part A over all.

Part A: Definition of Beaumontan
1. Define natural features.

 a. Ask around neighbours for opinions. (Done, plans have been made, still coordinating with some others.)
   i. Do something about the bay. (Done, redone the bay based on currents and river locations.)
 b. Preliminary drawing offsite. (Done, on google folder.)
 c. Tracing. (In progress, on a region-by-region status.)

2. Define major cities and towns. (Region-by-region basis, some of the south-west [Only Tonque really, and not a lot as well] is defined for major towns and cities.)

 a. Along rivers. (See the above sidenote.)
 b. Populations would be helpful. (Only a bit.)

3. Define second-level administrative boundaries. (Only a bit, see the region-by-region comment.)

 a. A large city should have a second or third level division. (Hm, we'll see about that.)
 b. Natural features. (Only Tonque, and very little there.)

Part B: Transport 1. Very old roads.

 a. Existing before railways, they should be the most direct route that is traversable by foot and can be built without major construction vehicles.

2. Railways.

 a. Connects major cities, more objectively direct paths, dynamite existed in this era.

3. Motorways.

 a. Have a "Routeur" (Hint: not a real word as far as I know) along each major motorway around urban centres.
   i. Acts as the Collectors
   ii. The Motorways would usually be raised, 
 b. Emulate the Autobahn in ways...
   i. Unlimited speeds in rural areas.
   ii. Limited speeds in urban areas.
 c. Long ramps.
 d. Left side drive.

Part C: Settlements TBD