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Things to Note Before I Start

  • Hi, so for those of you who don't know (you should know since this is the first link in the list), this is my first official bliki article, so I am not really used to the jist of how it works here.
  • I began writing this at around 22:00 (GMT-5), so yes, I did write some of this on December 11 local time, since I got tired and went to sleep.
  • The map leaflets got messed up, so I linked it.

Prositte -> Hélien

On the border of my territory and that of Hbot, there lies a town, shrouded in enclaves and exclaves, including second order enclaves and the only third-order enclave as far as I am concerned. Another interesting point that was brought to me was the interesting name of my side of the town (which was named Prositte at that time). Apparently it sounded like words that I'd rather not write here.

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The current state of the town, with Beaumontaise excalves being my sectors and Balavalonian ones belonging to Hbot.

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Yes, that little purple dot is an international border surrounding a statue. The history behind it is weird.

While the quality of mapping so far isn't really the best, according to the expectations I have set for myself, I do think that it is a major improvement from the previous settlement I have been working on, Salson, just to the south. I have analysed, quite extensively, the structure of small towns and villages in similar geographical situations around Lyon, France (which I have based Salson on, so it only makes sense).


I have attempted to formulate a pseudo-history for Beaumontan and the surrounding region in the past, and here's the final idea that I think does work. It does take into account the wonderful work done at User talk:refriedsushi, which I had realised, included the nation of Holy Cross, the same territory that Beaumontan sits on.

Year What Happened Countries Involved Notes
Circa 1300 First landings by Franquese settlers in Brocéliande, settlers also land in present-day Torostino, Beaumontan. DrapeauBMT.svg Beaumontan,
Drapeaubro.png Broceliande
Talk with Tparigo to try and include that in Broceliande's history
Circa 1400 Creation of Franqueterre, a massive country meant to fill in the role of "Main franquese state". Most likely did most of the colonizing of Franquese states along with Ataraxie, rather than UL141, the current state set to become "OGF France". DrapeauBMT.svg Beaumontan,
Drapeaubro.png Broceliande,
Template:Côté d'Or,
Compadrap.png Compaglia,
Flag of Tigeria.png Tigeria,
Flag of Kotel.png Kotel,
And possibly more.
Coordinate with all nations involved to talk about Le Franqueterre
Circa 1800 Fall of the Franqueterre

Due to growing inner tensions, the Franqueterre officially dissolves. Beaumontan is left with the vast majority of the navy, Beginning its histry of a regional naval power.

Same as above. Once again, Coordination
Great War (circa 1930-50) Beaumontaise war of aggression, BMT invades Balavalonia. The result today is Hélien-Hossens. DrapeauBMT.svg Beaumontan, Balavalonia 867317.png Balavalonia Coordinate and talk about possible historical cooperation and wars.

The rest of Beaumontan's history has already been negotiated, or does not require negotiation with other countries.


Yaaas idiosyncratic regional histories! When do we get to find out the weird story behind the statue enclave? I live for shit like this. -- LW (talk) 23:26, 11 December 2018 (EST)

It seems interesting, continue with that issue of the statue. By the way, you were born in 2003? --Fazzstinson69 (talk) 18:01, 12 December 2018 (UTC -3)

Yes, Fazztinson, I was born in 2003, why do you ask? Yeah, I will create some kind of interesting history, since the statue is actually one of an important Balavalonian person, lying in a Beaumontaise enclave inside a Balavalonian enclave inside Beaumontan... I'll have to work that with Hbot to see. --Thanks, Zekiel (talk) 03:39, 13 December 2018 (CET)