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The author is a 39 year old Australian. Originally hailing from the cathedral city of Armidale, he is currently living near Canberra, Australia's national capital.

He was born in June 1980, and moved to Grafton with his family before the age of one. After finishing school in 1998, he returned to Armidale to study at the University of New England. He dropped out of university in 2001, and pursued an abortive career in politics before being employed by the university in IT support. Today, he is again studying, and is seeking a new career in life, having left the IT industry in July 2013.

His own political and cultural views have manifested themselves in the various creations he has created over the years, and is an attempt to model a society and people with the values and norms that he believes in. Aside from geofiction, his interests include Australian rules football, railways, European culture and history, gardening, birdwatching, and popular entertainment.

He is gay, his favourite holiday location is New Zealand, and he is owner of two Maltese x Shih Tzu dogs. He is an unrepentant millennial and metalhead. Surprisingly, he can also speak a little Portuguese, and loves all things Lusitanian.

Work on OGF

Turnsole80's OGF work includes:


According to the internet, which never lies of course, "turnsole" is an archaic word for sunflower. I like sunflowers. They're pretty :)


My inspirations come from numerous places, see below for more.


Much of Karvaland can be seen as an alternative to the real world South Africa, with considerably less racial strife.

Place Inspired by

New Ingerland

New Ingerland can be seen as a mix of Australia and New Zealand.

Place Inspired by
Don't you forget about me
Port Frederick Flag of Australia Adelaide
Flag of New Zealand Christchurch
I'm going down to Cowtown
Williamsdene Flag of New Zealand Hamilton, Cambridge
Centralia (East Riding)
Everybody wants to rule the world
Kingsbury Flag of Australia Canberra
Centralia (Middle Riding)
Don't you pull the wool over my eyes
Shepton Flag of Australia Shepparton, Wangaratta
Centralia (West Riding)
Born in a mining town
Philipstown Flag of Australia Cessnock, Muswellbrook, Singleton, Kurri Kurri
I've got a brand new combine harvester
We're all going on a summer holiday
Corfe Harbour Flag of Australia Townsville
Flag of New Zealand Tauranga
Lunen Island
She's so high