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Hi! It's been a long time since I don't write a bliki. I'm in my last weeks of vacation, so I'll probably take a rest of mapping in OGF for a while - don't you miss me!
This summer has been a period of changes for me, I've learned a lot, and also already decided what I'm going to study at university - economy! Also, this summer has been one of the most boring I had.
Well, I'm here to talk about this City Sprint of February in which I'm right now. I have to say it's been a good idea to boost mapping for several users, and the thing I liked the most is the Daily Dose of Mapping Mojo, useful tools provided by LW that facilitate the process of mapping.
However, as the other face of the same coin (I don't know if this saying exists in English), I think it didn't help me too much on mapping. All this month, apart from Delaney International and Halesworth University, I focused more on streets and on those objects I uploaded, more than things that are truly important. I feel like my mapping has lost that sort of magic I had some months ago, and I also felt tired af with this city sprint, I was so focused on maintaining the average number of objects per day, that I lost the essence that this hobby used to bring me. I mapped almost every day, except some few, when I was not in my house and lied of all this project.
I realized it's not fine to forge someone to do something, as in economy, when the state puts its hand to boost economy, I just think it's better to let things go and flow naturally. I mean, if I want to map, I'll map, but mapping almost every single day makes me feel tired and wanting to quit. I don't know if I just took this in a severe way, or maybe I'm not the only one that thinks this, but this has been the last time I participate in one of these challenges.
And, as a conclusion, I will talk about Aurumia. If those territories are given to me, the idea is to make a collaborative country, where, after making some rules, I'll give some users a province so they can edit in there, but I'll also be able to edit and tell them what to do, not in an opressive way, of course! But, the country would be mine and they'd be helping me, not as in FSA, that are independent states united in a country with no admin. If this idea is possible, I'll write requirements and instructions for mappers that want to join this project.


I'm glad that you enjoyed the mojo posts, but I find this post frustrating. It this certainly puts a damper on the end of a month's worth of work. The City Sprint FAQ literally starts with the words "Do I have to map every single day? No!" The idea of mapping a certain number of objects per day was also very clearly described, in bold text no less, as "not a requirement for participating, [but] a general benchmark."

You write about this like it was a requirement, but if you didn't want to map, you should have just not mapped. There were definitely people who signed up, found it wasn't working for them, and stopped participating. To state that the City Sprint challenge is somehow responsible for taking the "magic" out of your mapping, and writing that "it's not fine to force someone to do something" and compare this to government interference in the economy is ridiculous. No one forced you to do anything. Next time, just read the instructions. --Louis walker (talk) 17:26, 27 February 2019 (EST)

It's not intended to be a rant, but for me it just didn't work as well as I expected. I knew I didn't have to map every day, and I didn't, but I had to maintain the average objects per day, and it just didn't work out fine for me. I'm not saying this experience has been something bad for all of us, I just didn't find this enjoyable as some others, but it's ok if you want to create new challenges in the future. Btw, if I had any mistake, forgive me, I'm not native speaker of English. Regards! --Voivod (talk) 00:15, 28 February 2019 (CET)