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pl Polski jest językiem ojczystym tego użytkownika.
en-3 This user can contribute with an advanced level of English.

Hi, I'm the owner of territory called Galicia, a Polish-speaking country.

Some facts/OGF stuff

  • I'm "drawing maps" as long as I can remember
  • First time I heard the word "Geofiction" in Skyscrapercity. There was a post with map of Forberg
  • I'm OSM user, mostly mapping my hometown and surroundings
  • I'm familiar with JOSM using it since 2010
  • Some towns are made from scratch in JOSM (for example), some were roughly sketched in GIMP/Inkscape and vectorized
  • Sometimes I use QGIS to create custom maps
  • I love micromapping!
  • more to come...

TODO list

Most important on top

I'm probably going to create my own Bliki showing progress of my work.

  • (work in progress) reset of Kolgóra – I'm not satisfied with this city at this moment and I need place to put government buildings, embassies etc.,
  • mapping details (towns, rivers, ...) in the southern Galicia,
  • more connections with other countries!
  • revisiting voivodeships (with considering population density and climate),
  • putting more information about the country in the wiki,
  • drawing more forests,
  • revisiting names of streets (many of them have origin in real world)
  • ...