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Today, 13 November, marks my 3rd anniversary of joining this website. Some plans for this year have to be derailed due to several unexpected events, such as the Oriental Empire I planned which unfortunately did not manage to pass as it is undesirable for the region in which it was planned to be. That's ok. Another thing is I got a bit tired of making nuke threats and stuff and trying to manage Antigo in bhj867's absence, so eventually, in July I decided to take a break from Antigo and claim one territory of my own. It was a fortunate thing at this time that parts of Commonia have been splintered off to form new territories, so I happily got one from there. I hope the region will remain largely Asian; as of now, I am still working with other mappers in the region to collaborate on how our culture and history link together. (there's still a dispute on how and when the Bai arrived, hopefully this can be sorted out soon.)

This bliki will mainly cover what I have done this year: Kontroga, STS-17 and Antigo City, plus more recent works in Kuehong and elsewhere.


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Kontroga is the first city I have started almost from scratch (besides Daulselon, which I mentioned last year, but I admit that was more of a patchwork of mapping styles I am trying out). The development of the city is in response to Louis Walker's City Sprint in February. Already beforehand, I have already made some plans to develop it. Much of the city's inspiration is from Sofia, Bulgaria, alongside other steel industrial cities like Krakow which were under the communists at the time. Though still far from developed, at least it has a city centre, and probably one of these days I will get back to it and make more neighbourhoods. Meanwhile, if you zoom out a bit, just outside the city area there are mines and other steel industries.

Kontroga has quite an interesting history (written off-site). It was one of the greatest cities built during the last years of the Antigoan kingdom, before succumbing to other powers, which decided to make it a trading outpost. It became infamous for being the centre of prostitution in Antigo (it was on the long list of alleged atrocities by the Pretanic masters.) It was said the subsequent great fire which destroyed Antigo was a divine pnishment. Reuilt again and exploiting other minerals in the area, it was later destroyed in the Battle of Kontroga during the Liberation War. The Briarmacks rebuilt it and made it an industrial city known today.

STS-17 and the questionable sanity of the Briamacks

Please don't let an outcry when a missile from out land is launched. It's just Briarmack helping his son in his small science projects.

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For obvious reasons this part has to be redacted on orders of the Ministry of Defence, Peace and Stability.

After making fictional nuke threats for the past year, I decided that it will be better by making an actual nuclear testing site myself. So in the area of Alam, near Mazan, I decided to start working on it, which is unintentionally (sort of) shaped like Antigo.

Much of the base is based off Baikonur (if the Antigoan government ever becomes sane it would have signed a contract with Suria and do a joint space research in the area instead of wasting money on failed nukes), alongside some other smaller missile and nuclear bases in North Korea. Being nuclear, it also has a nuclear enrichment plant (based off Yongbyon, North Korea) and a nuclear power plant to keep the face of the site being merely for 'harmless nuclear research'. (Only worked till 1990. Nevertheless, it still generates tons of energy for the southern regions). The building of the site is what I enjoyed most in Antigo. One of these days I will bother building a uranium mine to supply the base. Unfortunately (or fortunately) the base seems to run out of uranium, so there are doubts of more tests in the future.

I may consider building more nuclear bases, but this I say will be the cornerstone of the Antigoan nuclear programme, so it isn't necessary to build more for now. (If you like to gentlemen, try to launch a missile to this base, and get tons of missiles in return. Don't say I didn't warn you.) I doubt other nations in OGF will build such (and please don't for the sake of world peace, if it exists) nuclear bases, though powers like the Federal States may do so. I will be happy to collaborate to build such, but I hope I don't have to.

By the way, STS-17 just means Scientific Testing Site no. 17. There's also this small area where I will build up the Briarmacks' villa, who wants to see the launch of his precious missiles or rockets up close. I mean it is what he is spending his money (or the people's money he robbed from) on, for his small scientific projects.

Antigo City - Still far from perfect

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I have already discussed about this city in this bliki, so I am not going to waste some words on it. Sadly much of it is still incomplete and even far from perfect. I have tried revising the road neywork to make it Soviet-like yet it didn't turned out well, yet. One of these days, I may try to start over this city from scratch and try to develop it naturally. At least, however, for some parts there are quite some good mapping which I may keep in mind, especially the key spots like the sports centre, the university and the 'brain'.


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This is now my new personal mapping project which I am working on. I have already discussed my thoughts and plans of it here. Though it may adopt RW Vietnamese culture and language, Kuehong will be quite different in quite some ways. especially the history and politics of the country. Since I took up the area, I have now two new neighbours, whom I am collaborating with especially at the border regions. I may have to start the overall geography from scratch and redo the state boundaries , and probably start thinking of the topography in the area instead, as someone pointed out to me that it does not look right. Besides that, I have developed a small city Vang Ngat, which I attempt to model after Singapore and Penang. I decided to put the development of the place on hold for now, as I am a bit tired of developing it. Now I plan to develop one of the southern regions Trac Khe, which faces some political conflicts especially with a troublesome minority of Neegs (Hmong). It may be similar to Rakhine or Xinjiang, with some controversial government facilities built for the Neegs.

I have also set up an official instagram account for Kuehong (@official.kuehong.nssc),which will bring up some development on the going-ons in Kuehong and future mapping developments.

Pan-Ardentic Quarter

Stop by at the Jincheng Bai Market. for some great Bai goodies! Especially Bubble tea.

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Before finishing off, I also decided to introduce a small contribution I made to the Federal States capital Huntington. Besides Kuehong, this will be a sneak preview of some plans I have come up for the oriental empire. (Hint look at the street names). I make work on one in Stanton soon, which will be larger than what I have in Huntington.

Future plans

In the short term, I am still thinking of ways how Kuehong and others in the region around the Belphenian Sea will relate to one another. There is a possibility of a possible South China Sea-like dispute in the area, and the possibility of ancient powers in the region. I may build more Oriental quarters and probably some Antigoan streets and corners, which houses several Antigoan defectors abroad. I have been busy and unable to build such Antigoan quarters yet.

I also plan to train myself to get the hold of drawing softwares like and Inkscape, then I may start working on making realistic pictures myself. I have been reliant on other mappers for their skills, and I am very grateful for their help, but it is also time I have to learn these skills myself.

As the Central Ulethan region is having making drastic changes, I may come back to Antigo soon in December and January and make the essential developments in the area, especially a new port in Antigo. I hope to be able to collaborate with others on this.

I also plan to make a claim of AR906, but this may be rather wishful thinking, as Kuehong just barely started. I am thinkng of possible Hmong homeland there, which is now in a state of civil war.

In the long term, I am waiting for Orano to open up and present my plans for a Bai colonial power. As of now, I am making small hints and stuff like that in preparation for this project. I am still refining plans and constructing a colonial history for Bai, which I hope is coherent enough to understand.

Comments (not expecting any)

But if you do, just remember to sign off. Any criticism is also welcomed. Or if you like private message, just do so here. Blasting off in 5, 4, 3, 2...