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List of names for places in Kuehong

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State name Capital
枋林 Phương Lâm 鹿山 Lộc Sơn
斗湖 Đấu Hồ 南盛旺 Nam Thịnh Vượng
利处 Lợi Xớ
巴生 Bơ Sinh
卓溪 Trác Khê 北叶 Bắc-đẹp (national capital)
打领 Chiến Lính
邦咯 Vâng Ngát 乌敏 Ô-mắn
泰保 Thái Bầu 博港 Vác Cảng
野麻 Dã Ma 沙亚 Sà-a

Unused names

Port: Cảng (港)

  • Bơ Sinh (巴生)
  • Chơ-ảnh (加影)
  • Sơ Tái (梳再)
  • Kiều-đài (桥抬)
  • Chiến Lính (打领)
  • Sà-a (沙亚)
  • Phu Dung (夫容)
  • Đấu Hồ (斗湖)
  • Phúc Lính (福领)
  • Yên Luân (安川)
  • Hắc Điền (黑田)
  • Khảo Đăng (考登)
  • Nhị Binh (二兵)
  • Cựa Mọc (巨木)
  • Trác Khê (卓溪)
  • Thái Bầu (泰保)
  • Lộc Sơn (鹿山)
  • Phương Lâm (枋林)
  • Ngớ Quán (鱼馆)
  • Mã Kha (马柯)
  • Chiếng-ấy (政意)
  • Phổ Lan (普兰)
  • Dã Ma (野麻)
  • Phong Thịnh (丰盛)
  • Tạp-đước (卡特)
  • Lợi Xớ (利处)
  • Pha Sang (坡廊)
  • 典仑 Điển Lôn
  • 牢镇 Lào Trấn
  • 唯光 Dúi Quang
  • 和凶 Hoà Hung

For Vang Ngat

  • 如切 Nhơ Thiết
  • 菜市 Thái Thị
  • 莉安 Lài An
  • 丹甘 Đan Cam

Names for common map features


  • 大路 Đại lộ Avenue
  • 塘(铺) Đường (phố) street
  • 路 Lộ road
  • 塘路 Đường Lộ way
  • 高速 Cao tốc highway
  • 塘秩 Đường chật lane


  • 公园 Công viên Park
  • 车站 Xa trậm Railway Station
  • 寨军事 Trại quân sự Military Base
  • 客栈 Khách Sạn Hotel
  • 家祠 Nhà thờ Church
  • 变柀 Bến phà Ferry Terminal

Road numbering system

In Kuehong, expressways codes start with C, followed by the digit of the state and then numbers. In the case of national motorways (those crossing more than two states) will use CN and the first digit will be zero. (e.g. Vang Ngat Expressway - EC901) Trunk roads (semi-expressways) also adopts the expressway codes but starts with CX. For other roads, L will be for Lo meaning road, followed by a letter depending on road classification (primary, secondary or tertiary), state digit (0 for federal routes) followed by numbers. Newer and minor roads tend to have four digits, while three-digit codes were used for older and more important roads. However, there are no fixed rules on the assignment of the subsequent digits following the letters and first digit.

Occasionally, there may be a letter after a digit (e.g. LS99a), which represents the branch from the road LS99. Former segments that were part of a road will keep their original codes with a new letter at the back when the original road has been realigned.

C - Motorways

X - Trunk roads (车路 Xa lộ (interstate/national road))

S - Primary Roads (初级 Sơ Cấp (primary))

H - Secondary Roads (县 Huyện (district))

T - Tertiary Roads (小重 Tiểu Trọng (small yet important))

Digits for each state road
Prefix State Prefix State
1 Trac Khe 6 Da Ma
2 Bo Sinh 7 Phuong Lam
3 Loi Xo 8 Thai Bau
4 Chien Linh 9 Vang Ngat
5 Dau Ho
Except for Namthinhvuong Precture
0 Federal roads
Namthinhvuong Prefecture

List of government agencies in Kuehong

  • National Sports and Games Council
  • Science and Technology Development Council
  • Kue Language and Development Committee
  • National Census and Population Survey Bureau
  • National Statistics and Measurements Control Committee
  • National Bureau of Health
  • Social Services Board
  • National Bureau of Welfare
  • Military Examinations and Assessments Authority
  • Federal Schools Regulation Authority
  • National Board of Eduaction
  • Coordinating Agency for Foreign Affairs
  • Coordinating Agency for Internal Affairs
  • Coordinating Agency for Internal Communications
  • National War and Peace Council
  • National Agency for Religious Affairs
  • National Christic Association
  • Imani Community of Kuehong
  • Ethnic Relations and Affairs Council
  • National Minorities Culture and Heritage Board
  • National Trading and Finance Management Board
  • Federal Bank of Kuehong
  • National Internet Safety Committee
  • National Cyber Security Agency
  • National Agri-Food and Veterinary Agency
  • National Environmental and Water Resources Bureau
  • National Department of Animal Control

Major Terminals

Name Services
黑复火车站 Heifu Railway Station Bus: 10, 12, 16, 18, 23, 25, 26, 31, 42
Light Rail Line 1 Central Branch
Airport Line
Hangke Line
Haisha Line
民星广场 Minxing Brand Mall Bus: 10, 20, 22, 32, 33, 39, 44, 47, 110
Light Rail Line 1 Central Branch
市光码头 Shiguang Pier Bus: 17, 19, 33
张南 Zhangnan Bus: 16, 18, 22, 26
Light Rail Line 1 Main Branch
杭克 (轻轨) Hangke (Light Rail) Bus: 11, 13, 15, 22, 23, 25
Light Rail Line 1 Main Branch
北翟 (轻轨) Beidi (Light Rail) Bus: 10, 17, 41 (Westbound), 105, 110, Campus Special
Light Rail Line 1 Both Branches
国际中心 International Plaza Bus: 12, 18, 19
汉林中心 Hanlin Arena Bus: 17, 19, 26, 105
圣淘 Shengtao Bus: Haisha Route 1, Guangzhao Special
Light Rail Line 1 Main Branch
Haisha Line
盘豫 Panyu Bus: 32, 37
Haisha Line
永泰机场 Yongtai Airport Bus: 105, 125
Airport Line
黑复西火车站 Heifu West Railway Station Bus: 61, 125
Light Rail Line 1 Main Branch
Hangke Line
西通高科区 Xitong Technology Campus Bus: 61, 62, 125
Light Rail Line 1 Main Branch
安亭 Anting Bus: 13, 15, 20
Light Rail Line 1 Main Branch
晚景园 Wanjingyuan Bus: 20, 110
120公路终点 Highway 120 Loop Bus: 61, 62


Sign Name From To Via Relation
10 中央 Central Heifu Railway Station Minxing Brand Mall Central Avenue 46681
11 内虹 Neihong Hangke Meinei Road 76418
12 乐事 Leshi Heifu Railway Station International Plaza Leshi Road 46691
13 泰兴 Taixing Hangke Zhangdong Road Shengshi Road 46693
15 内彩 Neicai Hangke Anting Neicai Road 76419
16 乾明 Qianming Heifu Railway Station Zhangnan Qianming Road 46694
17 北翟 Beidi Hanlin Arena Shiguang Pier Beidi Road 46695
18 苹果园 Pingguoyuan Heifu Railway Station Zhangnan Pingguoyuan Road 46696
19 平凉 Pingliang Hanlin Arena Shiguang Pier Pingliang Road 46697
20 民星 Minxing Haixingtan Park Minxing Brand Mall Minxing Road 46683
22 杭克–加大 Hangke–Jiada Hangke Zhangnan Minxing Brand Mall 46684
23 三级 Sanji Heifu Railway Station Hangke Sanji Road 46698
25 老山 Laoshan Heifu Railway Station Hangke Laoshan Road 46699
26 张东 Zhangdong Heifu Railway Station Zhangnan Zhangdong Road 46700
31 永恩 Yong'en Heifu Railway Station North Jipu Road 46701
32 盘连 Panlian Minxing Brand Mall Panyu Road 46685
33 八连 Balian Minxing Brand Mall Shiguang Pier 46686
37 盘豫 Panyu Historic Panlian Station Panyu 50400
39 师傅 Shifu Minxing Brand Mall Pingguoyuan Road 46687
41 石景 Shijing Shijing Ring Road Hanwu Road 46702
42 康定 Kangding Heifu Railway Station Kangding Village Zhangdong Town 46703
44 波林 Bolin Minxing Brand Mall Ruijin Road Mingyang Road 46688
47 民东 Mindong Minxing Brand Mall Hangjin Road 46689
61 高科 Gaoke Xitong Technology Campus Highway 120 Loop Gaoke Road 46704
62 广兴 Guangxing Xitong Technology Campus Highway 120 Loop Guangxing Road 63007
105 北翟–机场 Beidi–Airport Hanlin Arena Yongtai Airport Beidi Road 46690
110 中央快车 Central Express Wanjingyuan Minxing Brand Mall Central Avenue 46682
125 西通 Xitong Heifu West Railway Station Yongtai Airport Xitong Road 46692
海一 海沙一线 Haisha Route 1 Shengtao Haisha Guangzhao Palace 46991
光专 光照专线 Guangzhao Special Shengtao Guangzhao Palace 47011
学专 学校专线 Campus Special Heifu University Xindong Community College 46706

Light Rail

Line Branch Stations Relation
1 主线 Main Branch Heifu West • Xitong Technology Campus • Hangke • Anting • Laoshan • Fangbang • Children's Hospital • Beidi • Pingliang • Minshang • Fangta • Zhangnan • Shengtao 42285
中央线 Central Branch Railway Station • Fangbang • Children's Hospital • Beidi • Pingliang • Minshang • Minxing Brand Mall

Suburban Rail

Line Stations Relation
海沙线 Haisha Line Heifu • Panyu • Shengtao • Haisha • Wangtian Beach • Wangtianqiao • Jade Beach • Chengguo • Weiyuan East • Weiyuan 46705
机场线 Airport Line Heifu • Yongtai Airport 46707
杭克线 Hangke Line Heifu • Heifu West • Liuhan • Hangke 46708

Route and stations

The route begins at Olympic Stadium and travels along dedicated bus lanes on Guohe Road to Jiulong Road, crossing over the G10 Beimei Expressway. It turns north and parallels much of the expressway for the rest of its route, travelling along bus lanes on Jiulong Road, then a dedicated section to the immediate east of Inner Ring Road, before merging with Tianshan Road. This section of Tianshan Road currently does not have dedicated bus lanes. North of Anshan Road, the main branch of the route to Beishangang is entirely grade-separated. A branch to Beishan International Airport splits off north of West Airport Road Station, travelling east on a dedicated right-of-way to the airport grounds before merging with local traffic.

In addition to the dedicated bus rapid transit routes, many local bus routes use sections of the bus rapid transit network.

The route is as follows:

Number Stop Name Transfers
Guohe Road dedicated bus lanes
1 Olympic Stadium 奥体广场 Metro Line 2, Metro Line 3
Jiulong Road dedicated bus lanes
2 Jiulong Road at Jiaxing Road 九龙路嘉兴路
3 Olympic Pond 奥体湖
4 Jiulong Road at Guozhan Road 九龙路国展路
5 Jiulong Road at East Guobin Road 九龙路国宾东路
Grade-separated right-of-way
6 Jiulong Road at Xilin Road 九龙路西林路
7 Baoshan Park 宝山公园
8 Shata Road 沙塔路
9 Andemen 安德门 Metro Line 1, Metro Line 4, Airport Express Line
Tianshan Road mixed traffic
10 Shanhaiguan Road 山海关路 Metro Line 4
11 New Dongmen Road 新东门路
12 Zuchongzhi Road 祖冲之路 Metro Line 4
13 Zhongshan Park 中山公园 Metro Line 4
Grade-separated right-of-way
14 Anshan Road 鞍山路
15 Qingpu Road 青浦路
16 East Youyi Road 友谊东路
17 Zhouhai Road 洲海路
18 West Airport Road 机场西路
Spur to Airport - grade-separated right-of-way
18A Aerospace Park 航天公园
Spur to Airport - mixed traffic
18B Beishan Airport Express Station 北山机场机场快线站 Airport Express Line
18C Beishan Airport Terminal 1 Arrivals 北山机场第一航站楼到达
Main line - grade-separated right-of-way
19 Hai'an Road 海岸路
20 Tanggu Road 塘沽路
21 Jiangxin Road 江心路
22 Beishangang Road 北山港路
23 Beishangang Dock 北山港码头 Ferry to Valcourt, Beaudry

(Work in progress, unfinished list)

This is a list of companies based in Meilan sorted by their industry. Meilan is known for being a major technology manufacturer and exporter as well as a developed services-based economy. Its primary resource industries are timber (forestry), agriculture, and fishing. Its main secondary industries are chemical manufacturing and refining, food manufacturing, steel production, technology, medicine, and automobile manufacturing.


  • Gongfu Farms (功夫农场)
  • Ruinong (瑞农)


  • Haldiman Group (海淀漫集团)


  • Telin (特林)
  • Sansen (三森)



  • Meilan Petroleum (美兰石油)


  • Jintang Chemical (金堂化工)
  • Lanli Chemical (蓝利化工)


  • Meigang Steel (美钢)

Heavy goods

  • Mingyang (名阳) – buses and rail vehicles, headquartered in Meiming

Consumer goods

  • Shale (绍乐) – clothing
  • Yeyan (叶雁) – clothing
  • Duolun (多伦) – shoes
  • Quanning (泉宁) – bottled water
  • Hally (哈利) – confectionery
  • Lowry (劳日) – beverages
  • Fusha (富夏) – automobiles


  • Mankind (满金) – consumer electronics
  • Halsay (哈尔赛) – consumer electronics
  • Fengting (枫亭) – semiconductors and computer parts
  • Gomay (国美) – computer parts
  • Gu8 (故八) – computer hardware
  • Mainstay (美代) – software
  • Looling (卢琳) – software


  • Yurpan (药盘) – biotechnology
  • Drentan (德仁谭) – biotechnology


  • Air Meilan (美兰航空公司) – national airline