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Short name

Achtung.svg Hi! This is a friendly reminder that the title of a country's article (and a country's flag template) should use the country's short name: the name most commonly used in formal writing, without any abbreviations or acronyms.

For example:

  • Kingdom of Mycountry
  • Mycountrian Federation
  • People's Democratic Socialist Republic of Mycountry
  • Confederated States and Possessions of the Serene Principality of Mycountry
  • Mycountry

If you're unsure, visit Wikipedia and check out what they do.

Also, for articles and lists which are presented in English, the English name should be used.

Image info needed

Smiley.svg Hi, this is a message from the OGF admin team. We need some info about the image(s) you uploaded. Thank you for fixing the issues! Smiley.svg
Achtung.svg Information is needed for the following image(s):
What information is needed?
  • If the image is public domain or Creative Commons licensed, then please provide a link to the original image, giving credit where appropriate.
  • If the image is 100% self-created, then please write the words "self-created."
  • If the image is self-created, but contains images that are not self-created, then please provide links to those images (if they are public domain or Creative Commons... otherwise see "none of these" below).
  • If the image is none of these, then you may: (a) obtain permission from the image's creator; (b) replace the image with one that is public domain, Creative Commons, or self-created; or (c) delete the image.

Where do I put this information?
On the image's information page, which is usually accessible by clicking on the image. You can then click "Edit" in the upper right to add text and "Save page" when finished.

If you are unable to provide the necessary image info within a few days, then we will be forced to delete the image(s). But we don't want to do this! To learn more, visit our image help page or contact us. Thank you!