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Hi User:Stjur, I hope it's okay to contact you in your sandbox? I like that idea and I'm missing international collaboration. But there are some questions...

  • Have you checked the List of railways? There are e.g. different gauges, so the main railroad axes should have the same gauge (and countries with other gauges should be excluded!?). Does it correspond to your plans?
  • The routes don't take into account already existing infrastructure, e.g. harbors. For example, there are many countries without a seaport, their main interest in RW would be to be connected to them. And such connections might be part of global networks. Routes across the continent only make sense if you find out which countries trade with each other and where they are needed. And I think this is very difficult at the moment! Otherwise it will end like in Gobrassanya or Commonia, there are highways to nowhere.
  • Did you plan anything to "activate" members to participate or improve the plans? Just creating a page in the wiki and a entry in the user diary and hoping that users participate won't improve the situation much.--Mstr (talk) 00:31, 9 June 2017 (CEST)
Hi, Mstr!
This project is inspired by the real world Trans-European Transport Network (TEN) project. I don't really know much about trains, but I know that for ex. Germany and Italy have different gauges, however the #1 priority European railway transport axe by TEN goes through both of these, between Berlin and Palermo. I think the trains use adjustable wheelsets.
I wrote that UAC only proposed this project, and there is practically no other organization responsible for the globalization in the entire continent, so I think it can work.
One of the main reasons of the Trans-European Network of Transportation is not to connect regions with highly developed infrastructure, but mainly to include peripheric regions of the continent in the continental transport system. This is also one reason for the TUTN. The other reason is, of course, to connect higher developed countries with each other, this is practically what I tried to do in the sketch with the transport axes, connecting strong regions of Uletha, but the TUTN Network is not monopolizing the motorways in Uletha, there are still other very important roads around the continent. And talking about which countries are trading with each other, I don't think there are many country relations over that long distances, if there are, they are welcome to propose another TUTN project.
How I'm trying to activate members? Mainly through the Ulethan Alliance for Culture, which many countries are part of and which might become something big in the near future... And with the help of other ambitious OGF users who want to change something.
--Stjur (talkOGF) 01:26, 9 June 2017 (CEST)
But the RW TEN-T projects have been decided by the European Council and are paid by the European Union, that's why I think a cultural association is not an appropriate organization to do this.
  • Transport axes only exists where transportation takes place. In RW Europe main axes are e.g. from seaports in the south and north/west to the inner continent. Of course such an international project is mainly used to build infrastructure in not highly developed areas (because in highly developed areas it already exists), but usually there should be some demand for them.
  • You should also take into account that Uletha is as large as RW Europe and Asia together.
  • In Europe there are different gauges in Russia and in Spain, but the main corridors through Europe are built with standard gauge. Adjustable wheel sets and other techniques are only used to cross one border and for short distances, for large distances and large networks these techniques are extremely inefficient and not realistic.
  • I would like to "change something", but e.g. the infrastructure in my country already exists (green line, but I would propose the motorway around Viljanni since it is shorter and it reduces traffic in Viljanni instead) and I see no possibility in the near future to add the northern part of the green line through UL052.
  • I propose that we first make a detailed map of possible trade currents, where is industry? ports? large cities? and accessible nations? and then decide about the main axes and technical specifications. I think some of your routes are quite good, but in my opinion especially in the inner continent they look randomly chosen.--Mstr (talk) 11:41, 9 June 2017 (CEST)