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Great article. But I have one little problem with it. Few months ago I wrote an article about Demirhanlı Devleti. Maybe it wasn't wise decision but I tried to make something like a coherent history of of the all the regions of AR032 territory (including Unesia, Demirhanlı Devleti, Omniville, Muneig and AR032d). Some parts of unesian history are little bit uncoherent if compared to article linked above. Of course I don't try to prohibit other users to create their own history but I think one of us should do some changes to make AR032 history coherent. My proposal is I will change the enigmatic Almukhtar Caliphate to True Sulatanate of Karamwaliya in my article and you rewrite this section:

After years of prosperity, the Sultanate declined into corruption by the 16th century. Several rivals battled for the throne, with Prince ‘Alim Ud-Din seizing control in 1556. This started a “rebranding” of the empire, and a change to more upright governance. The Sultanate was renamed to Ishara and Iman was given more importance in daily life. The Sultanate of Ishara was so successful, it lasted into the 21st century, with the last Sultan being ‘Abdul-Halim II.

In my vision there was a gap in Unesian history between XV century and 1856, when it was was occupied by Demirhanlı Devleti. After that modern Unesia was established in a bloody revolt. It could be said that after the crisis of 1556 Alim Ud-Din ruled as a hereditary ruler of the province or somethinglike that. Is that acceptable or you have other idea? Rustem Pasha (talk) 15:36, 14 July 2017 (CEST)

I had originally planned on creating the Unesia wiki last year (before any AR032 territories were inhabited), but admin was advising new users to hold off creating their wikis until they’ve mapped a significant amount of their territory first. I had already written much of this history offline and based what I mapped according to that.

The foundation of Unesia’s historical narrative is that it started as seven distinct nation-states with different cultures which voluntarily decided to unite on the basis of mutual benefit. This would require the post-gold-rush era (1846-present) of Unesia’s component states to be left intact. In addition, the "Sultanates” in Ishara, Zamaniya, etc. were always meant to be localized kingdoms and they were never meant to be some kind of overarching Khalifa. UN1TY (talk) 04:09, 20 July 2017 (CEST)

Hm... The history of Unesia after 1846 is not really my place of interest, because this terrain should be lost by Demirhans in this years (I have written initially 1856 but changing one date is not a big problem). Also I can solve "caliphate problem" placing it in Devleti and east coast. But still I have bigger problem with Ishara and Zamaniya sultanates. Existing sovereign kingdoms block Demirhans expansion to the north and west, which means more than half of the empire history must be rewritten. If the sultanates could become vassalized states it don't affect the history that much. In this vision the vassalized kinngdoms still can have their own culture and small scale history like rivalry between brothers to gain the throne (compare it with IRL Hejaz province of the Ottoman Empire, which was ruled by sharif of Mekkah or Crimean Khanate). What do you think about that? Rustem Pasha (talk) 21:21, 20 July 2017 (CEST)I have read, what you have written in Omniville and Devleti talk pages. I understand your decision (but in heart I can't agree with). If you have that strong different vision than mine I will just delete the problematic aspects of Devleti history but I have limited access to the Internet now, so it might take a few days. Sorry for interrupting you. I really appreciate your complex vision of Unesia and I don't want to change it, if you don't want too. Rustem Pasha (talk) 21:33, 20 July 2017 (CEST)

I’m sorry if I came across a bit harsh earlier, but I was surprised to see so many articles mentioning Unesia that I didn't know about yet, including a reference in Ingerland’s list of colonies saying that Omniville was occupied by Unesia in 1931! Unesia didn't exist as a country at that time.

It’s actually good that you read my draft wiki and brought up the discrepancies with your own article, because otherwise I would not have known. When I read the wiki for Demerhanlı Devleti several months ago, the history section was blank.

You also brought up a good point in that Unesia does look very incoherent without a wiki article to explain it. That’s the main reason why I’m even working on the wiki this early in development, because what’s mapped so far is clearly confusing people.

Though many of the cities in Unesia (Ishara, Musawir, Freeport, and Nazimiya) were imported from pre-OGF works, everything else was adapted to fit the local landscape at the time. I had an Ingerish country to the north, a Castellian territory to the east, plus there was Balavolonia (which has since moved).

Unesia was planned to smooth the transition between these disparate areas, while still including my own vision. That’s why it has states with different cultures. Unesia is a bit of a social experiment similar to Canada or Singapore.

One other thing I hadn’t mentioned yet is that the territories west of Unesia (AR120, 34, 37,40, 46, 50, etc.) have been reserved by admin to form a regional superpower. So far, there hasn’t been any progress on that, but any plans for regional empires would have to take that into consideration. That’s one reason why I was determined to make Unesia a highly-developed, diverse, and wealthy nation, so that it could compete with, or at least compliment, the potential Juggernaut next door.

I hope this makes my vision for Unesia easier to understand. If you do notice some inconsistencies regarding what I’ve mentioned, I do welcome your comments, because I know you have a sharp mind for historical constructs and I sometimes do overlook things.

Although I'd like to hold off on any overlapping history for now, I look forward to working with you on other matters, such as transportation links, present-day diplomatic relations, etc. UN1TY (talk) 03:23, 22 July, 2017 (CEST)