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Utterland is surrounded by Shilesia and Welstand-Westrijk to the west, as well as Lentia. To the south lies Ventria, with Ísztianország just to the east. The small nation of Dartannia is on Utterland's north border. Topographically, Utterland is a land of rolling hills, intersected by many rivers. The Firth of Hetzer dives deep into the west of the country, ending at the old city of Solsburg.


Uisteren is Utterland's capital, which is embedded in the Uisterse Heuvels to the south. Other main cities are Welle, Solsburg, Galmosen, Mirkbos and Rijksbergen. Smaller towns and villages dot the countryside, but Utterland is on the whole fairly sparsely populated.

Nature reserve


Before 1885

The territory of Utterland was part of Lentia until 1885. There was a large degree of autonomy, with the nobility more or less allowed to run affairs as they saw fit. The main landowners were the Duke of Schalmen, who took seat at Welle, the Count of Solsburg, who resided at Fort Solsburg. The Duke of Hemmel had decided to run his estate from Fort Merken, right across the river from, and in opposition to, Fort Solsburg. Following a number of unsuccessful attempts by Hetzer to cross the river and take Fort Merken, around 1712, the boundary line between their estates was made to be the River Utter. The Uisterse Heuvels, in the south, until 1834, was an area ruled by self-proclaimed leaders in the small towns and villages that dot the area.

The 1930s

Although Utterland was not directly involved with Vinnmark's 1934 civil war, the cities of Galmosen and Rijksbergen, which lie closest to the Vinn border took in many refugees, who fled the unrest. The housing estate on the eastern edge of Galmosen, off the Sterrenbeeldpark, was built to house them. A similar estate went up on the northern fringes of Rijksbergen. Although many of the refugees returned to Vinnmark in the late 1930s, a sizeable proportion of those cities' populations remains Vinn in origin.

Road and water links

Road network

Utterland has a good road network, linking the major towns and cities. There are nine primary routes, mostly dual-carriageways, which have motorway-like interchanges in the centre of the country. International roadlinks exist to the neighbouring countries of Lentia, Shilesia, Koban, Ventria and Ísztianország

N1 starts on the border with Ventria near Grammer and leads via Rijksbergen to Uisteren, then to the Ísztianország border near Vallenberg.

N2 starts on the Ísztianország border near Peringen and leads via Mirkbos to Solsburg.

N3 runs from the border with Shilesia to Solsburg, then south to Hemmel and Uisteren, then through the hill country of Uisterse Heuvels to Luikenberg, near the border with Ventria

N5 starts at Grammer and parallels the border with Ventria past Luikenberg, Houtenhage all the way to the border with Ventria near Moorbeek.

N6 runs from the Koban border at Loosteren to Uisteren through the Borgense Park hills.

N8 runs from the Lentian border to Rijksbergen

N9 runs from the Shilesia border to Galmosen, then southeast towards Uisteren.


The Firth of Hetzer extends from the north (and west) into Utterland, ending at the city of Solsburg, which has a large dock- and harbour area.


The River Utter empties into the sea at Solsburg, after being joined by a number of other rivers and streams. The two major tributaries are the Larie Water (which rises near Stoornenburg and the Mosen, which rises north of Galmosen.

Public transport


Map of the narrow-gauge railways in southern Utterland

Railways in Utterland consists of a normal gauge railway network in the north and west, and a 950 mm narrow-gauge network in the south. A separate narrow-gauge network runs from Putmuiden to Hetterstrecht on the Firth of Hetzer. The line from Welle to Sterkerheide and on to Peklo (Kobáň) is 760 mm narrow-gauge.

International links

Narrow gauge network

The above lines are all a 950 mm gauge.

  • The line from Welle to Peklo, in Kobáň, is a different narrow-gauge, to conform to the Kobáň norm of 760 mm.
International normal gauge links


A ferry service links Kobáň with the harbour at Hetterstrecht. Further ferry services across the Firth are under discussion. These may extend to Tircambry and Wesmandy when they become a reality.

Another ferry service connects Larinchem with Zonnevank across the Firth of Hetzer.

Buses and coaches

Air travel

Utterland's main airport is Luchthaven Putterwaard, located about 5 km east of Putmuiden and 10 km northnortheast of Solsburg.

Media outlets

Utterland Utterances

On-line news from the country can be found at Utterland Utterances.

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