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RegionŪdzđąnąrąt, E'tena
Native speakers>50,000 (as of 2000)
Language familyUdenarrat
Early formsunknown
  • Utz
Writing systemFifteenth Udil alphabet
Romantian alphabet
Official status
Official language in
Territories of OIOI

Utz is a language spoken mainly on the Oceanic Island of Ūdzđąnąrąt (Udenarrat). It is related to some other languages spoken on the island, namely Şaš (Shashl) and Manjaal. It is unrelated to the other main language of the island, Yzix.

Utz is also related to the pidgin language Dontdū (Dontdu) in some of its grammar and syntax, but few words are shared between the languages. Dontdu and Utz are spoken in E'tena and, to a lesser extent, Ūrątybara where it they are official languages.

Utz is the most commonly spoken language on Udenarrat, with more than half of the islanders speaking it, or a related dialect.

Utz is the de-facto written language of Udenarrat. It is usually transcribed in the fifteenth Udil alphabet.