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VAULT, or Vandover And Urban Laneston Transit, is the primary provider of mass transit/ public transportation in the Laneston/Vandover, Freedemia metropolitan Area.

Vandover And Urban Laneston Transit
"Share The Ride. Ride VAULT."



VAULT was created in 1925 operating the area's bus system.

In 1957 VAULT completed their first functional subway line, now today's Red Line. The Green Line was opened in 1985 and the Blue Line in 1990.

This map is not entirely accurate, as a Laneston loop has since been added

Red Line

Green Line

Yellow Line

Blue Line

Orange Line

Pink Line

Silver Line (under construction)

Future Plans

VAULT is considering a light-rail or bus rapid transit route running north and south on M-63, as well as a bus rapid transit line running east west on Rowpoint Road.

  • Aly Avenue/Betterview Avenue Corridor- planned to run north-south on Aly Avenue, then on Betterview Avenue south of Casey Road servicing Lollywood. Light rail and BRT considered, will be built as BRT.
  • Grander Pkwy Corridor- a planned Silver Line Subway line running along Green Line tracks then servicing Northeast Laneston.