Vai International Airport

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Z13, -40.2958 °S, 14.9975 °E
Vai International Airport
Vaitango Caupalaóuni Vai
(national name)

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Basic information
Country Flag of Guai.svg Guai
City Vai, Pirindi
Began operation 1938 (extensions in 1954, 1971, 1988, 2004)
Time zone WUT +0:30
Elevation AMSL 142
Passengers 32,245,185 (2015)
Direction Length
09R/27L 3,500 m
15/33 3,500 m
09L/27R 3,500 m
Number Length
Highways A1
Regional train lines TBC

Vai International Airport (Guaiian Vaitango Caupalaóuni Vai) (WAAT: VIA, ANACA: NGVA) is Guai's main international and intercontinental airport. Located at 30km to the south east of Vai centre and 27km to the north west of Pirindi, the airport lies on the territory of Jom municipality. The airport is still colloquially referred as Jom Airport (Guaiian Vaitango Jom). Vai International Airport serves as hub for Guai Airways,FlyMe and TÁNGOKÏO.


Early History

The airport began as an airstrip of 2 intersecting concrete runways on the outskirts of the town of Jom. It was built in 1927 for military purposes. The small civil terminal was built in 1938 where the Central Hall of Terminal 1 is now located. As civil aviation made progress in the 1940s and 1950s, a new terminal (future terminal A) was built, in 1954, to the west of the original terminal. When the terminal opened in December 1954, all civilian traffic from the then Vai Airport (now Iīv Air Force Base) was transferred to Vai International Airport while Guai Air Force move to the new Iīv Air Force Base. Both runways were lengthened to 2,000 meters. In 1961, as the airport traffic had grown in importance, Pirindi Airport in Nikin was restricted to general aviation and the remaining flights transferred to Vai International Airport.


In 1971, to cope with jet airplanes, two piers were built on both sides of the terminal. Meanwhile, the 1938 Terminal was replaced by the Intermodal Terminal comprising an underground railway station and an overground bus terminal. The apron was widened, both runways were converted into taxiways and new runways 1 and 2 were built along these, farther from the terminal buildings.

In 1988, as the traffic increased, Terminal 1 was greatly extended to the south-east. Runway 3 was built, parallel to Runway 1. Terminal 2 was dedicated to charter flights.

Modern History

In 1998, it was deemed that all terminals needed to be modernized and merged into a single entity. A 5-year modernisation plan was approved by the Government of Guai as well as the municipal authorities of Vai, Jom and the County Council of Urán. The overground part of Intermodal Terminal was destroyed and the bus terminal moved elsewhere. Underground levels as well as the railway station were reshaped. The Intermodal Terminal were replaced by the Central Hall of Terminal 1. The old building of Terminal 1 was slightly extended and completely modernized while facing and windows of the 1988 extension were replaced and a pear-shaped extension was added at the end of the pier. Terminal 2 was extended with two peers endowed with 15 jet bridges.

Ground Transportation



Terminal Purpose Airlines Notes
Terminal 1 All flights except those operated by low-cost and charter airlines Guai Airways, Air Meilan, Air Spyritsa, Air Valaga, Brocelair, DeltAir, Dominion Air, FreedemiAir, Gobrassian, Jardiniana de Aviación, Latzyl Air, Paroyan Airways, Paxair, Peyan, Tané Ullanyél 67 bridge-equipped gates, 6 ground-level gates and n remote-parking positions
Terminal 2 Low-cost & Charter airlines FlyMe, TÁNGOKÏO 15 bridge-equipped gates and n remote-parking positions

Airlines and destinations

Destination map

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Airlines Destinations Terminal
Air Meilan Beishan 1
Air Spyritsa Corrostance 1
Air Valaga Valka 1
Brocelair Belleville, Tassia, Troie, Valoris 1
DeltAir Quentinsburgh, Malodjeh 1
Dominion Air Saviso 1
FlyMe Aludres, Barra da Grama, Beishan, Carmeleum, Coleraine, Laengelem, Magenta, Meiming, Quentinsburgh, Safrisco, Trevers, Troie 2
FreedemiAir Quentinsburgh 1
Gobrassian Gobras City 1
Guai Airways Alcântara, Aludres, Aŭstraĉefurbo, Barra da Grama, Beishan, Berestraultz, Campo Verde, Carmeleum, Coleraine, Cordoba, Corrostance, Delta, Etatono, Gobras City, Khaiwoon, Kingsbury, Iola, Jundah, Laengelem, Latina, Magenta, Maguériz, Malodjeh, Meiming, Méridien, Mondeonís,Porto Colon, Quentinsburgh, Safrisco, Saviso, Seniqe, Slovech, Solchûk, Stanton, Stoyobotsa, Southern Islands, Tarott, Tárrases, Trevers, Troie, Valka, Valoris, Villa Constitución, DF, Whangiora, Winburg, 1
Jardiniana de Aviación Mondeonís 1
Latzyl Air Cordoba, Du Bois, Latina, Mendoza, Porto Colon, Topahappan, Van Pelt 1
Paroyan Airways Coleraine, Trevers 1
Paxair Carmeleum, Safrisco 1
Peyan Iola 1
Tané Ullanyél Etatono 1
Seasonal: Barra da Grama, Leluwa, Magenta, Mar y Flora, Pugall, Tassia


Airlines Destinations
Guai Airways Etatono, Gobras City, Khaiwoon, Latina, Safrisco, Southern Islands