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Flag province Valle Vulpeculo

The province of Valle Vulpeculo has the name from the valley of the Rio Pernello, named after the little fox. The four stars in the flag are repraesenting the continents, to which the ships of Porto Colon are sailing: Uletha in white, Tarephia in yellow, Antarephia in orange and Archanta in red. The Fox in the grass gives the name for the valley of Rio Pernello. Before the upgrowing of the harbour of Porto Colon the flag shows only the fox in the middle of a green field. Since 1878 then are the four stars in the left side of the flag.

Important is the province for the grat harbour of Porto Colon and Taparello. Greatest town and capital is Porto Colon. Together with the independenc city of Taparello both towns lay around the lagoon with the harbour.


Cantones of the province Valle Vulpeculo
  • Motorways = # 7 (Latina - Porto Colon), # 19 (Delta - Porto Colon - Van Pelt) and # 21 (Pugall - Porto Colona). Route # 29 connected both sides of the harbour, a tunnel under the lagoon is in construction.
  • AVE-hi-speed railway = Lines #7 Latina - Porto Colon with stop in Guzman (VV) and # 13 Porto Colon - Van Pelt - New Dublin in Tara
  • Airport = Porto Colon intercontinental Airport


Behind Khaiwoon is Porto Colon the second greatest harbour in the world. In the town lay the slaughterhouses for the expoert of meat.

The town of Independence is - beside of Porto Colon itself - a town of heavy industial fabrication.


The population is concentrated in the coastal cantones. The eastern part of the province in direction to the Sierra Grande is only thin settled. In the cantone "Colonia Checa" is a strong czech colony, in the cantone "Lueneburg" are many peoples with northern german anchestors.


The western boundary of the province is the Sierra Grande. Rivers run to the east, many of them collected near Porto Colon from the Rio Pernello, the greatest river of the province.

In the Sierra Grande runs at the road Latina - Porto Colon over the second lowest pass (with 987 m), the Puerto los Jabalis (port of wild pig). In this way is layed the motorway # 7 and the AVE-line # 7.

The province on map see please at 8, -13.109, 48.571


Over the time of the colony New Holland is a museum in the former palace of the vice-king in Porto Colon.



Province Capital Inhabitants km² Density Car-Code Notes
Valle Vulpeculo Porto Colon 8.332.821 VV-


No. Name Capital Tel Post Car-Code Inhabitants Notes
1 Porto Colon Porto Colon (Cidudad) 071 7101 ff -A, B, E, J, K, M, N, Z 3.994.322 postal code follows the barrios
2 Taparello Taparello (Cidudad) 071 7141 ff -T, U 649.691
3 Cordillera Costal Vagales 072-1,2,3... 7210 ff -C 409.304
4 Florina Florina 072-4,5,6... 7240 ff -F 543.982
5 Independencia Independencia 072-7,8,9... 7270 ff -J 542.005
6 Rio Colear Villa Amento 073-1,2... 7310 ff -V 150.203
7 Garincha Garincha 073-2,3... 7320 ff -G 174.084
8 Pleyel Pleyel 073-4.5... 7340 ff -P 304.629
9 Colonia Cecha Dolny Hadonicy 073-6,7... 7360 ff -H 245.973
10 Fredegonis Fredegonis 073-8,9... 7380 ff -S 300.194
11 Guzman (VV) Guzman (VV) 074-1,2,3... 7410 ff -Y 327.832
12 Chirimoya La Perdiz 074-4,5... 7440 ff -D 307.730
13 Lueneburg Lueneburg 074-6,7... 7460 ff -L 144.941
14 Pantanos Lecu-cafca 074-8,9... 7480 ff -Q 237.931
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