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The walled town of Valmouth was founded in 1744. Once one of the biggest towns in Wiwaxia, its isolated location and the subsequent growth of Lydgate to the south meant that it reached its peak c. 1780. The town failed to grow beyond its original walls and has maintained much of its original character from this time and before. Valmouth is the county seat of Fedomia County. 15, 28.1765, 122.5794

The town is laid out with four symmetric circuses and dominated by Valmouth Castle in its center, with elegant gardens and an artifical lake as well as Valmouth Wood, which extends to the eastern edge of the city walls. The town has many beautiful squares and parks, lined with elegant houses that have been maintained and restored over time.

Valmouth Cathedral and Valmouth Cathedral School date from c. 1747.

With the Lydgate Line railroad arriving In 1857, the town was rediscovered and became a popular destination for the upper classes. The Valmouth Grand Opera was built, and the Valmouth Academy of Art established at this time. The small section of town outside the walls dates from the 1890s, including the five-star Grand Depot Hotel.

Current population is 17,513.