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13, -16.8473, 21.4843
CountryDrapeaubro.png Broceliande
 • RegionValoris-Capitale
 • Official nameVille de Valoris
DemonymValoricien, valoricienne
 • Maire en secondJacques Repaire
 • Municipality250 km2
 • Estimate (2015)2,054,000
Postal Code01001 to 01018

Valoris is the capital and most populous municpality in Broceliande, with an administrative-limits area of 326 square kilometres (91 sqmi) and an official population of 2,154,000 (2015). The municipality is the heart of the 893-square-kilometre (345-square-mile) Valoris-Capitale province (colloquially known as the 'Grand Valoris'), whose 2016 population of 4,150,000 represented roughly 30 percent of the population of Broceliande. The city is known for its cuisine and gastronomy, and historical and architectural landmarks.

The city is a major rail, highway, and air-transport hub served by the Maillot international airport. Opened in 1911, the city's subway system, the Valoris Métro, is one of the busiest metro system in Tarephia. Valoris's Gare du Midi is the busiest train station in Broceliande and one of the busiest railway stations in southern Tarephia. Valoris is one of Tarephia's major centres of finance, commerce, fashion, science, and the arts.

The Valoris-Capitale province includes 23 other municipalities (Auderville Bacquenois, Bellevarde, Borreaux, Braye, Buirette, Grande-Arche, Lambermont, La Garenne, La Ville-Dieu, Les Douets, Les Frégauds, Maillot, Miossaens, Mottaret, Petite-Arche, Plainerouge, Rochetaillée, Rohan, Saint-Josselin, Synthe, Valarcaud, Vaulx).

The Prince residence and all the national institutions are located in Valoris.


The name Valoris directly origins from the the name of the Valor family.


Valoris was fouded around 1250 by franquese settlers led by Hubert de Valor. Thanks to its strategical position in the Eurotas valley, Valoris grew and quickly became the centre point of the franquese settlements in south Tarephia.

Valoris was officially chozen as the national capital by the Valor family in 1374.

The municipalities of Valoris and La-Ville-Dieu were created in 1919 in remplacement of the Territoire de Valoris and La Ville-Dieu.


Valoris is located in central Broceliande. The municipality covers an about 250 km2.

Valoris is located on the meanders of the river Eurotas.


The 21 municipalities of the Valoris province
Administrative situation of the Valoris area before 01/01/1920

City government

For all of its long history, Valoris was governed directly by representatives of the Prince of Broceliande. The city was not granted municipal autonomy until 1919. Today, the mayor remains the Prince but the municipal authority is ruled by the Maire en second, elected by the city council. The current Maire en second is Jacques Repaire, elected in october 2016.

Valoris is divided in 18 Cantons.

Canton Postcode Canton Hall Population Area (km²) on the map
1er 01001 petite rue Saint-Paul [1]
2ème 01002 rue de Bacquenois 9.2 Km² [2]
3ème 01003 17 Km² [3]
4ème 01004 Grande rue d'en Haut 12.32 Km² [4]
5ème 01005 place Arneaux 4.72 Km² [5]
6ème 01006 rue Olofson 2.98 Km² [6]
7ème 01007 cours des Tourelles 6.35 m² [7]
8ème 01008 cours d'Antharie 16.98Km² [8]
9ème 01009 place Tondat 9.81 Km² [9]
10ème 01010 avenue de Larochette 18.36 Km² [10]
11ème 01011 42.9 Km² [11]
12ème 01012 cours Carnot 10.16 Km² [12]
13ème 01013
14ème 01014 places des Aures 8.03 Km² [13]
15ème 01015 place Ferrus 10.75 Km² [14]
16ème 01016
17ème 01017
18ème 01018 [15]

Provincial government

The Valoris-Capitale Province, including the city of Valoris and 23 other municipalities, is governed by the Provincial Council, which has its seat on boulevard de Poinclou.

The Valoris Province as it exists now, was created in 1919. Before the capital area was directly managed by the state government and known as Territoires de Valoris et La Ville-Dieu. The other municipalities (and parts of the today municipality of Valoris) were included in the Arvergne and Normanie Provinces.

National government

Valoris is the seat of Broceliande's national government. The Prince and the Consule have their own official residences, which also serve as their offices. The Prince resides at the Palais, while Consule's seat is at the Hôtel de Laclos. Government ministries are located in various parts of the city; many are located en haut, near the Palais.

The Senate, meets in the Palais Simplon located close to the Consule's residence.

Broceliande's highest courts are located in Valoris.

Embassies of foreign countries are always located in Valoris.

Administration Postcode Location
Palais (Prince's Residence) 01004 rue Coreau
Hôtel de Laclos (Consul's Residence) 01004 rue de Laclos
Ministère de l'Intérieur (Hôtel d'Illion) 01004 avenue Bayle
Ministère de l’économie, des Finances et du Budget 01008 boulevard de Rohan
Ministère des Affaires Étrangères (hôtel Dorsay) 01004 avenue Colombey
Ministère de la Justice 01007 place Brantôme
Ministère de la Défense 01014 cours Martignac
Ministère de l’Équipement 01006 cours de Tassia
Ministère de l’Industrie 01006 avenue de Ségur
Ministère de la Santé 01004 rue Paillon
Ministère des Affaires Sociales 01004 boulevard VanBüren
Ministère de l’Éducation Nationale 01004 place Hautefeuille
Ministère de l’Agriculture 01006 avenue de Ségur
Ministère de la Culture 01007 rue des Bons Enfants
Ministère des Sports 01004 cours Eurotas
Haut Commissariat à l'Environnement 01006 rue Huon
Haut Commissariat à la Recherche et au Développement 01006 avenue des Installations
Banque Centrale de Brocéliande 01007 place de Bonneuil
État Major des Armées 01007 place d'Armes
Archives Nationales 01010 place de la Mémoire


The official population of the city of Valoris was 2,154,000 in 2015, in decline. The population today is lower than its historical peak of 2.4 million in 1938.

According to the 2014 national census, 31% of the city population and 18% of the other Municipalities of the Valoris Province population were born outside of Broceliande.


Contrary to many other of the world's capitals, Valoris has never been destroyed by catastrophe or war. In modernising its infrastructure through the centuries, The city has preserved even its earliest history in its street map.

Valoris has on the one hand very dense neighborhoods (up to 45,000 hab / Km² in some parts the 1st, 4th and 5th cantons) and on the other hand very loose areas.

Historical areas

The three historical districts of the city are called En haut, En bas and En face according to their respetive positions.

En haut is be the oldest part of the city where the location of the first settlements of Valoris can be found. This location was chosen because it was easy to defend. With peace, it turned out that it was not that convenient to develop a metropolis, and the city center moved en bas. Today this area remains the heart of the Broceliande power: le Palais (Prince’s residence) is there as well as the Consul residence and many ministries, administrations and embassies.

En bas had been the historical city center since the 15th to 18th century. It includes the the city hall and the cathedral as well as many shopping areas. There are many bars and restaurants around place Mottaret which can be considered as one of the night life hub of the city. The whole area is now protected.

En face is the new 18th century city. As en haut and en bas became too small to host the city activities, the authorities decided to create a new center on the left bank of the river. The new district was planned to be convenient: straight and larger streets, gardens and other amenities. The heart of this new town is Le Palais en ville and its gardens which were conceived as a new Prince’s residence. Today this area linked with the Midi area is the commercial center of the metropolis (department stores…).

Inner city districts


Valoris has notable examples of architecture of every period from the 15th to the 21st centuries.


Valoris is the second most expensive city in Broceliande with real estate prices varying from E6000 to E18000/m.


Valoris and its province count several major parks and many smaller public gardens. The most significant green spaces are :


Valoris has a diversified economy. The city is home to the headquarters of many large companies and tourism is an important part of the Valoris economy.

National Companies

All the state owned companies have their headquarters in Valoris.

Name Business Adress
Chemins de Fer du Prince Railways 10 rue de la Gare 01008
ElectraBro Electricty (production and distribution) 2 rue Paul Bergeron 01007
Brocéliande télécom Phone and Internet services 8 rue Baratto 01007
Poste et Colis et Courriers (PCC) Mail 13 rue Neuve de Troie 01007
TPV Public transport in the Valoris province chaussée de Buirette 01014


Main article: Transport in Valoris

Valoris is a major rail, highway, and air transport hub.


As the central hub of the national rail network, Valoris counts 5 major railway stations (Gare du Midi, Gare d'Occident, Gare Saint-Jean, Gare de l'Est and gare du Nord) and 2 minor ones (Gares de Castine et des Boulainvilliers). They are connected to three networks: the GVB serving the high speed line towards the south, the normal speed intercity trains, and the suburban rails (Valrail).


The Métro de Valoris is a public transit system serving the city of Valoris and several other municipalities of the province. It opened in 1912 and counts 11 lines.


Primary and secondary education

The city of Valoris provides primary and secondary schools for every children until 18yo. In addition to the public structures, the city counts several private xchools.

Higher education

Valoris-Capitale is the Province with the highest proportion of highly educated people in Broceliande. Around 50 percent of Valoris inhabitants held a full-University-level diploma or higher while 10 percent have no diploma.

The University of Valoris was founded in the 15th century. It is broken up into several campuses. Most of them today are in central-south Valoris where the old university was located, while others are scattered around the city and its suburbs. Today, Université de Valoris provides diploma in almost every field of knowledge.

The Valoris region hosts an important concentration of the prestigious grandes écoles – specialised centres of higher-education outside the public university structure. The most famous and selective of them is Ecole Polytechnique de Valoris EPV a public engineering institution.

List of the Université de Valoris campuses:

Campus address Faculties
Rectorat place Poussin 01009 Seat of the university administration and board
Poussin rue Paradheim 01009
Hernu boulevard de Castine 01009
Aume place de Roantra 01009
Montalembert rue Eglantine 01007 Law
Letermann cours de Tassia 01006
Eurotas avenue de Largonathe 01008

Other public institutions outsitde of the Université de Valoris are:

Name address Faculties
Ecole Polytechnique place Poulard 01008 Engineering and sciences
Ecole Nationale de la Magistrature rue Emile de Lazzo 01007 Law
Ecole Supérieure de Sciences Politiques rue Boscolo 01007 Political sciences
Ecole Nationale Vétérinaire cours Vitton 01015 Veterinary school
Valoris School of Business cours Eurotas 01004 Business and finance
Ecole Nationale des arts hôteliers rue Remakers 01010 Tourism
Ecole Nationale des Beaux-Arts rue d'Ambroisie 01001 Arts, Design and Architecture
Ecole Supérieure de Langues Etrangères rue Cachan 01005 Languages
Ecole Valoricienne de la Mode rue du Conseil de Ville 01001 Fashion
Ecole Nationale de Physique et de Chimie Industrielles rue Anne Réoul 01007 Physics and chemistry


Valoris's most popular sport clubs are the Valoris Olympic football club and the rugby union Stade des Valors. The city hosts numerous sports facilities including football and rugby stadiums, swimming pools, tennis courts, horsing facilities...


The most popular football team is the Valoris Olympic (VA). The 65,000-seat Grand Starde des Princes, built in 1999, is located in the North of Valoris. It is mainly used for football. It hosts the Broceliande national football team for friendlies and major tournaments qualifiers and hosts several important matches of the Valoris Olympic team.


Valoris rugby club is the Stade des Valors, usually called Les Valors. Most of the national rugby team matches are held in the centre national du Rugby Stadium, located in Rochetaillée, in the South of the Valoris Province.


Tennis is another popular sport in Valoris and throughout Broceliande; the Tournoi du Tennis Club, held every year in may on the red clay of the Valoris Tennis Club, is one of the main events of the world professional tennis tour.