Vang Ngat Light Rail Transit

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Light Rail Transit (LRT)
An LRT train approaching Airport station along the Chung Nguoi LRT line
Native name过轻速𨖼 Quá cảnh nhanh chóng
LocaleVang Ngat, Kuehong
Number of lines4 (1 partly in operation, 1 under construction and 2 under planning)
Number of stations59 (8 in operation)
Began operation6 November 2008
Number of vehicles109 trainsets

The Vang Ngat Light Rail Transit (VANLight) is a series of Automated guideway transit systems serving different parts of Vang Ngat, Kuehong. The VANLight acts as a feeder service to the current Vang Ngat Rail Line. Currently, only one line, the Chung Nguoi LRT line, remains in operation, with other passenger routes under construction or planning.



Line and livery Opening year Terminus Stations Length (km) Depot Electrification
Chung Nguoi LRT line 2008 Airport
Tan Hoa Ferry Terminal
Tieu Loc
22 (only 9 in operation) Chung Nguoi Depot DC 750 V
O-Man LRT line 2021 South End
Hill Station
36 Pier Depot
Total: 59


Station name[note 1] Image Opening Closure
Ingerish Kuehongese
Chung Nguoi LRT line
O-Man LRT line



  1. Stations denoted in Italics are currently not in operation