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Vasireii is the second-largest city and an important regional centre in northern Karolia. The greater metropolitan area was made a city-state in 1961 and has a current population of around 1 million.


Geography and climate

Vasireii is located in a valley on the river Raksa, with the High Taamras mountains to the west and the lower hills of the Western Plains to the south-east.



Vasireii has an extensive network of heavy rail and the central stations are a calling point for long-distance services. Commuter rail in the form of an S-Train system connects the wider state to the city.


The city has a three-line underground metro network built between 1975-1990, as well as a pre-metro tramway and bus systems.


Vasireii is a hub of the Karolian motorway network and is linked by the A1 to Säntjana and to the north to Meridonia and Arataran.


The main air gateway is Vasireii Liasu International, which is located to the east of the city and provides flights to most international destinations and neighbouring countries. It is a hub of Air Karolia and Archantan Airlines.


Vasireii is one of the main tourist attractions in Karolia. The main attractions are the Old Town and the Castle district, as well as the New Town which features a number of interesting buildings from the eighteenth to twentieth centuries.


Vasireii often hosts athletics events at the Raksastadion.


Vasireii is home to two football teams currently competing in Liiga 1; FC Vasireii who have won several national trophies, and the recently re-promoted Pojhamei Football who have won the Riikspreema tournement. In Liiga 2, Raksa JK and in Liiga 3, [[]] represent the city.