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Traded asVK
FoundedElmalır, 1873
FounderSanayici Reşıd Paşa
Area Served Worldwide
Key PeopleKemal Halil Paşa
 military vehicles
Production Output245000
Number of employees29467
SubsidiariesVehikar Otomotiv
 Vehikar Elektrik

Vehikar - international producer of cars, trucks, buses, trams, trains (as Vehikar Elektrik) and military vehicles. It is a state-owned from Demirhanlı Devleti. Originally it was established as national train producer with headquaters in Elmalır but after starting production of motor vehicles in 20s, headquarters were moved to İslahisar.



Car produced by Vehikar are very government oriented, so the variety of models isn't as big as in commercial firms. At the moment company offers only 4 car models.

  • Çevik[1] - small car with four different motors: 1.0 (65 HP), 1.2 (80 HP), 1.8 (130 HP) and 1.6 D (90 HP). In two-seat version used by government agencies responsible for street or grid conservation. Production of this car is about half of current Vehikar production output.
  • Kavernoz - a middle class limousine. Produced as sedan, liftback and combi and equiped with one of engines: 1.8 (130 HP), 2.2 (165 HP), 3.5 (247 HP), 1.6 D (90 HP), 2.0 D (140 HP). In most powerful version often used by the police, weaker diesel is favourite car of Demirhan taxi drivers, other models are used by the middle class bureacrats and industrialists as official car.
  • Başarı[2] - luxurious limousine projected in 2010 for high officials from government, since 2011 model offered for trade. Equipped with one of motors: 2.2 (165 HP), 3.5 (247 HP), 5.0 (361 HP), 3.0 D (217 HP).
  • Tembel - off-road car predistined for woodsmans and army, offered as three or five-door combi or pickup. Engines: 3.5 (247 HP), 5.0 (only 5-door combi, 361 HP), 3.0 D (161 or 217 HP).


There is one type of van called Uzaysal but in grand combination of bodies. Offfered with motors: 2.2 (165 HP), 2.0 D (125 HP), 3.0 D (161 HP).


There are two models of trucks produced by Vehikar:

  • Sivil - standard truck offered as tractor unit or classical truck with two or three axles. Motors (diesel): 7.3 (smaller models only, 220 HP), 12.4 (310, 360 or 460 HP), there are also available natural gas versions with less power: 7.3 (193 HP), 12.4 (287, 342 or 431 HP).
  • Askeri - heavy truck offered as trolley or chassiss for military or civil installations. Produced as two, three or four axles truck and as three axles tractor unit. Engines (diesel): 12.4 (360 or 460 HP).


Vehikar offers three models of buses: Şehir (for city transport), Yerel (local), Koç (coach). First two are offered with motors 7.3 and 12.4 (except 460 HP version) in diesel and gas versions, the coach is offered only with 12.4 engines in all versions.

Military vehicles

Most of military vehicles are built on the Askeri chassis but the fabric on the Yevercin desert sometimes produces other types of vehicles (tanks, battle cars, amphibians) mostly in manufacture process projected individually for purchaser neeeds. The most notable product is STE-4 tank used widely in the world.


Trams are produced by Vehikar Elektrik. Currently there is only one model in production, low floor, modular vehicle called simply Tramvay. Every Tramvay is powered by four electric engines (65 or 100 kW each). Tramvay is offered as three five or seven modules vehicle (24, 32 or 40 meters lenght).


Vehikar Elektrik is able to produce electric or diesel locomotives and passenger multiple units. Some diesel motors are produced by Vehikar (only for railcars), bigger come from Ardesan shipyard or are bought from foreign companies.

The current offer looks like below:

  • R103 - small railcar with diesel engine. Produced since 2002.
  • R203 - electric multiple unit formed of three (/3) or five (/5) parts unit, in offer since 1978. Now produced mostly for poorer countries.
  • R204 - newer generation of electric multiple unit, now with single passenger space. In production since 2006.
  • T198 - locomotive with diesel engine with maximum velocity of 160 km/h.
  • T199 - mostly similar to T198 but with electric engine.

Production facilities

Vehikar in İslahisar Vehikar Elektrik in Elmalır

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Vehikar military production site in Çaşkepe Vehikar Elektrik in Keppong, Elhadia

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Vehikar car production site in Erilyn City, Esthyra Vehikar car production site in Reichenburg, Ohesia

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  1. Outside the country labelled as Chevik
  2. Outside the country labelled as Bashar