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Z11, 51.9351 °N, 40.9872 °E

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Country Kalm flag.svg Kalm
Population 881,429 (2014)
Major airport Flughafen Vennburg
Highways Autobahn A1 (Kalm), ...
Train station Vennburg Hauptbahnhof
Metro 3 lines (plus 1 light rail line)
Website www.vennburg.kl

Vennburg is a city within Kelmtal-Borgenland region, Kalm. It has 881,429 inhabitants (2014 census) and thus it is the sixth-largest city within the country.


Vennburg is located at the northern edge of Kelmtal mining region, the most important mining district of the country.

Public transit

Vennburg has a metro system consisting of three lines. The network length is approx. 70 km. Additionally, one of the light-rail lines of the network within Ubena, the neighboring city in the east, connects to the south-east of the city and to the Vennburg-Südbahnhof public transit hub. Many lines of the dense S-Bahn (suburban rail) and regional rail networks within the Fenn/Kelm region operate within Vennburg.