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Warning! This article is currently in the sandbox. Any terms and names used in this article are not official, but are solely for the purpose of conversation with other users about the history of Paroy.
Veronan Colonies
Kingdom of Ingerland
Colony of Trevers
Colony of Verona
Colony of Riley
1547–1733 Independent States of Paroy


Capital Trevers
Languages Ingerish
Government Constitutional Monarchy
 • Established 1547
 • Paroyan War of Independence 1726-1734
 • Paroyan Revolt 1731-1734
 • Declaration 1733
Currency Ingerish Taller
Today part of ParoyFlag.png Paroy

The Veronan Colonies were a group of Ingerish colonies on the west coast of the Beaudrian Peninsula in southern Tarephia, after 1733 declared independent from Ingerland as the Independent States of Paroy.

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