Verteř V Storm, king of Řots

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Verteř V Storm /'vɛrtɛɹ 'odɛɹ storm/, officially styled "His Most Serene and August Majesty Verteř V Storm, Lord and King of the Lands of Řots and Emissary of the Four Gods" (Řotsnan: Azāts Pereebredāgēp ken Perdēre Verteř V Storm, Řosu Prusu Tsārřōn ken Urat ken Nola Nu Tsōřts) has been the King of Řots sinds his brother and predecessor King Bēserets Sot passed away on 9 Kařlās 3492 (11 February 2016).

As with most members of royal and noble families in Řots, little is known about the King, his family, let alone their private lives. Royalty watchers (which in Řots really is a difficult and potentially dangerous job) estimate his time of birth between 1920 and 1936. He is said to be a widower, but the name of his wife is unknown, as are those of his children (including probably the crown prince or crown princess), the exact amount of whom is a mystery as well.

The fact that information about the King's children is hard to get suggests that the royal court may deem them unsuitable for the job, but as the royal and noble families in Řots live according to the Codex (a fixed set of protocols that has been created by Queen Sērgomun Vere some 1000 years ago), the crown prince(ss)'s unsuitability for the top job may actually be a good thing for the modern, non-noble society of Řots.