Vervets Bekřa Nureet

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Vervets Bekřa Nureet (/'vɛrvɛts bɛk'ɹɑ 'nɵrei̯t/, born in Ārakkar (Ārakkar) on 2 Torbēs 3438 / 17 October 1961) is a Řots politician and civil engineer who has been the leader of the Devē Parti (DP, Farmers' Party) since 3476 / 1999 and who is as such the longest serving leader of any political party in Řots at the moment. In 3492 (2015) he became the country's 35th prime minister, succeeding Kar Basil Ītase, whose party ŘPP suffered a loss during the late 3491 parliamentary elections and came in only second after the DP.

Education and early career

The only child from an agricultural family, Vervets Bekřa Nureet's family profited from better economic circumstances which enabled him to attend the School for Natural Studies in Ārakkar, instead of following in his father's footsteps and becoming a farmer. During this period he became politically active and his conservative views turned out to be very welcome in the DP, which he joined on his 21st birthday. After finishing his studies, Vervets Bekřa Nureet didn't find a job very easily, but he was elected in the municipal council of Ārakkar in 3464 / 1988 and prevented with success the construction of an expensive tramway system that was proposed by the local ŘPP (Workers' Party).

In 3468 / 1991, Vervets Bekřa Nureet became project manager at the International Airport of Kotōlets, in which capacity he oversaw the reconstruction of the outdated airport facilities. He remained politically active during this period; in 3473 / 1996 he was elected leader of the Kotōlets division of the DP and managed to lead his party to a local election victory, so far the first and only one in the history of Kotōlets. Three years later, he was elected national leader of the DP and has been a prominent figure in the politics of Řots ever since, although the DP never became the largest party.

Under Vervets Bekřa Nureet's leadership, the DP has fought against excessive spending of the ŘPP government under Storm Bāvakos Nařret and laws proposed by the Feudal Party (PP) to enable citizens of Řots to build their houses whereever they want, putting his party's stance directly against its natural ally. Over the years, the DP managed to increase its importance, with the elections of 3491 / 2015 having been especially beneficial for its share of seats in the Řosu Git.

Personal life

Vervets Bekřa Nureet is married to Āpas Gerve Agoro, with whom he has four daughters and two sons, as well as two large dogs. He and his family are devoted to Eppes, the God of Peace and Protection, Craftsmanship, Travellers and the Lonely and are prominent members of the Eppes community of the Nekkar suburb of Vīset. Among his hobbies are reading, fishing, and canooing.