Vesterburh Forshæig

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16, 56.3399, 19.2265
Vesterburh Forshæig
Mynster of Dunwic
CityDunwic, Myrcia
Burhcounsil FéldVesterburh
• BurhiraEric Palsson (R)
Burhcounsil FéldForshæig
• BurhiraRen Rensdohtor (R)
Sæterhriht FéldDunwic Nórd
• Griðlagu FolcLise Rensdohtor (R)
• Griðlagu FolcAlec Petersson (FM)
• Folclagu FolcBygett Lisedohtor (W)
Telephone Code0101

Vesterburh Forshæig is a mynster of the city of Dunwic, Myrcia. It is located north of the city centre on the left bank of the Áfon Dun.



Located in the west of the mynster, Vesterburh is a primarily residential neighbourhood which is popular with students studying at Kirkcoleg Myrcia. The south of the neighbourhood used to be dominated by freight yards for the Vesterburh Lijn goods railway. The railway line has become the Vesterburh Lijn Cycleweg and the goods yard is now Old Yard Gartan. The neighbourhood is centred around Jutland Stræt. To its north is the Kynge Coleg, a further education college.


Forshæig is a large residential neighbourhood which is divided by a number of canals into Nórd, Vest and Súd areas. The neighbourhood centre is around the Forshæig Mid Canal basin where a library, post office and a number of shops and cafés can be found.

For Ísl

For Ísl is located between the For Ísl Canal and the Ost Forshæig Canal and is one of the most affluent areas in central Dunwic. To the south it includes the Dunwic International School.


Godricbúrh is centred around the north end of Bernica Avenu, it is primarily a residential area but includes some industrial land between Godric Basin and the Áfon Dun. Facing onto the Forshæig Canal is Myrcia Telegesiht Cyn Radio Hús from which a number of national radio stations are broadcast.


The Kirkcanal is located just north of the central St Eagdyth mynster. It includes Bernica Plæce and Kirkcanal Plæce onto which the 18th century St Godric Kirk faces. The area is mostly commercial but some residential streets exist in the west.


Vesterburh Forshæig is well served by Trambæn lines 3, 3T and 7 along Forshæig Weg to the north, 8 and 8T along Bernica Weg to the south and by city loop services on Bernica Avenu.

There are four crossings of the Áfon Dun in Vesterburh Forshæig. Forshæig Brig in the north carries the A110 road, beneath it Trambæn services are carried by a tunnel under the river, further upstream is the Lower Clif Brig which conveys pedestrians between the Clif Lift in Nórdburh and Kirkcanal and finally, in the south is Welwya Brig. Beneath Welwya Brig is Welwya Pier from which Riverbæn services operate.

Two Cyclebæn run through the mynster. The Vesterburh Lijn CB runs along an old goods line across the west of the mynster whilst the Nordvest CB runs across the east beside Godric Basin.

Economy and Culture

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