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Z16, -46.9031 °S, 46.5524 °E

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Islet in Winn
Country Winn
Barony Caspica
Municipality New Winn bay
Area 0.58 km2
Population 30 (2018)

Vira is a small island on the southeastern coast of Winn. It lies in the municipality of New Winn Bay, which is part of the barony of Caspica. The island has about 30 people living on it, spread thinly amongst two localities, Hidship, and Outholt. Within the municipality of New Winn Bay, Vira does not fall under any village, but is classified as its own village outright. Until 1990, the island was a part of the municipality of Ayebury, which then dissolved into New Winn Bay.


A ferry service goes between the town of Ginningsburg and Hidship, and from there towards Virasport, as well. From Ginningsburg, a bus line can be taken through Ayebury towards Rutswayne, and in Virasport, the ferry harbor is closely connected to the Eastern Winn Rail Virasport Station, on the Paulitz Line.

FlagNewWinnBay.png Municipality of New Winn Bay FlagNewBay.png
City: New Winn Bay
Town: Millten
Villages: Ayebury · Ginningburgh · Loggham · Marlon · Saint Salls · Seyll · Sipphere · Thimbridge · Thimmuth · Westmynne
Hamlets: Aynhire · Copperburgh · Ellison · Hidship · Jameson Junction · Outholt · Overwood · Pallcheat · Wormbane · Zale · Zale-Bridge
Neighbourhoods: Billhack · Cattertown · City Centre · Ittlefront · Katya · Kerkiry · Littbury · New Hiplair · Seffix · Shingby · Toppen