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9, 45.5641, 130.4022
Flag of Vocklenbrug

Vocklenbrug is a state of Mergany located in the south-west of the main island, north of Wabern, west of Stefalen and south of Wirtembrug and Falz.

States of the Confederate States of Mergany
Mergany Detailmap.png Brugham Flag.png Brugham · Falzland Flag.png Falz · Holswig Flag.png Holswig · Rüthingen Flag.png Rüthingen

Schersen Flag.png Schersen · Stefalen Flag.png Stefalen · Vocklenbrug Flag.png Vocklenbrug · Wabern Flag.png Wabern · Wirtembrug Flag.png Wirtembrug

Mergany Flag.png