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The Volkman period (ボルクマン時代? Borukuman jidai, formerly Sasuke's Power) or Belphenia's Nightmare, was the period of Belphenian history corresponding to the reign of the Belphenian dictator and pirate, Sasuke Volkman, from February 29, 1940 through April 19, 2011. It was the second longest era behind the Katsusake period (1611-1738)

The Volkman period was the worst era in Belphenian history. During the 20th century, Belphenia moved into totalitarianism culminating in the mass developments on nuclear weapons, war games, intercontinental ballistic missiles, no freedom of the press, total isolation of the country, and torturing the Belphenian population under the dictator's orders throughout Sasuke's regime.


On February 29, 1940, Sasuke Volkman killed Miyake Toshiro and gained control of Belphenia as a dictator during the Battle of Seralia Island. His master, Terra Moon was appointed as Dear Leader.

In 1941, Great Heart was banned, making it difficult for the samurai, pirates, and Belphenians to serve in the religion. Seizure of swords and samurai armor occurred, followed by mass indoctrination of Volkman's cult of personality.

Throughout 1942, Sasuke ordered the Belphenian government to change all road markings to white, and restrict motor vehicle use to elite members of the government. All Belphenians were told that motor vehicles are for "the highest officials" only and must resort to non-motor vehicle use such as horses and carriages.

On September 11, 1949, Sasuke forced the Belphenian government to isolate Belphenia by banning foreigners entering the country and develop a nuclear weapons program, leading to a horrific economic depression in Drevet. He then established the Belphenia Central News Authority, a state-run broadcaster focusing on his cult of personality and serves as government mouthpieces. All news reporters are Sasuke's lieutenants, watching or listening to foreign content carries a threat of arrest and death. Only one terrestrial television network and one news paper agency were in operation in Yamamari.

Sasuke Volkman implemented a forced religious conversion to his cult of personality around him as state religion among Belphenians, changing Belphenia to an atheist state on May 22, 1950. Volkman legalized lying, death penalties, gambling, torture, polygamy, debauchery, forced marriages, sex outside marriage and same-sex marriages. Volkman wanted to elect all soldiers living in Belphenia to rule with him under the Stable World Law and wanted all Belphenians who are over 18 years of age, to attend military schools every week under strict guidelines.

On April 10, 1952, the samurai, swords, shoguns, samurai clothing, and vigilantes were outlawed by the dictator to coincide with the cult of personality around him, causing the sword making industry to crash that led to an economic depression in Belphenia.

In 1954, the Volkman regime forced all Belphenians to watch state media at 5:00pm BPST (6:00pm EBST) every day, even on weekends for information about the new features of the cult of personality, such as bowing down to statues of Sasuke Volkman. World holidays such as Christmas, New Year's celebrations, Halloween, Easter, Valentines Day and other holidays became mandatory under the "Every Day Living Law" and are strictly enforced. Festivals other than Sasuke's propaganda were outlawed as well.

On February 7, 1955, there was a powerful eruption took place at Mount Edohanesse in Sutton Province (modern-day New Eriwynne Prefecture) that killed 37 people, and bombings were carried out in a casino in Shadowsnow City, killing all 129 people.

In early 1956, Sasuke and his government executed 72 construction workers over a misalignment of a steel beam underneath a highway overpass in Zeref, Edaleria. The misalignment of the steel beam had the dictator to hire new construction workers and established a national construction company called the Volkman Construction Incorporated. The dictator forced other construction companies to disestablish or merge into Volkman Construction Incorporated as well. On May 20, 1956, Sasuke's sister Lena Volkman was arrested, tried, and tortured to death by elite members for attempting to overthrow her brother's regime in efforts to give way to restoring freedom and democracy to Belphenia. Terra Moon denounced Lena's actions, basically calling her "a traitor".

In 1958, development on nuclear missiles began in Glesa (modern-day Seraphina City). The nuclear missile tests resulted in the sinking of the Belle Akimoto on the Belphenian Sea, killing all 310 people on the ship off the coast of Commonia, leading to Commonian governments imposing sanctions against Sasuke Volkman.

In 1960, Sasuke Volkman forcibly moved the capital from Yaelian City to Yamamari and ordered the Belphenian military to conduct long-range missile tests off the coast of Pa Territory (modern Bluesage Prefecture) on the Sound of Pa. The long-range missiles did reach the northern parts of Commonia and destroyed a small town, leading to more sanctions against the dictator.

On October 2, 1964, all Belphenians were forced to watch Sasuke Volkman and Harumi Kotone's wedding on the Belphenia Central News Authority throughout the entire day, followed by a military parade in Yamamari. Daisuke Volkman was later born five years later on April 30, 1968.

In 1965, Sasuke Volkman banned the use of sarashi on men and women, basically calling them samurai clothing and denounced the Belphenian samurai as "destructive puppets" on state media. The name-calling was debilitating to the samurai and shogun, the shogun declared war against Sasuke Volkman in the Battle of Eraede, but resulted in 322 shogun and 172 samurai being injured and tortured by Volkman forces, 52 shogun and 13 samurai were permanently disabled. The samurai continued to hide their samurai clothing in the Winterlyn Mountains.

The dictator eventually launched a military campaign focusing on capturing all Shirarume alive and force them to believe in his cult of personality between 1965 and 1993, but the campaign turned out to be unsuccessful. On July 3, 1982, Sasuke outlawed the Summer Geolympiad Games in favor of his newly formed, controversial torture games. On December 2, 1989, Charles Volkman was born to Daisuke and Penny Volkman, and was appointed as "Stronghold Leader". On May 4, 1991, Lily Volkman was born, and was appointed as "Beautiful Leader". In 1995, the dictator's missile tests and nuclear weapons programs triggered an international crisis regarding his military attempts to develop more weapons of mass destruction and missile test programs on the Belphenian Sea that led to more sanctions imposed against him.