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14, -16.1882, 45.0463
 • RegionMesa Tinto
Ethnic Groups
Latinians (83%), Natives (8%), Zylandians (6%), Other (3%)
NationalitiesLatinians (98%), Other (11%)
 • MayorOtto Benotke
 • Vice MayorCarmen Higaldez
 • Totalxyz km2
 • Urbanxyz km2
 • Ruralabc km2
Elevation200 m (600 ft)
 • Estimate (2020)700 000
 • Census (2016)684 922
 • Densityxyz/km2
eyz/sq mi
Postal Code6101 - 6126
Telephone Code0611-00614
Tram17 lines

Vremyn is a city in the southeast of Latina. The town is the second greatest city of the province Mesa Tinto of Latina and the greatest city in Latina, which is not the capital of a province. Vremyn has 684 922 inhabitants (zensus 2016). In the past Vremyn was the capital of an province named "Mesa Tinto", which was smaller as today.

The Flag shows four animals, based on a populaire fairy-tale in this area.


As around 1750 most germish speaking settlers go in the fertile Mesa Tinto, they founded 1701 the city of "Vreemn". This town then become the capital of the Province in 1824, but later the province of Mesa Tinto was junctioned with Delta and so Delta now is the capital of Mesa Tinto.

1843 the first railway from Vremyn (now the southern station) via Eglantine run to Delta. 1856 the railway from Latina (Cidudad) to Pugall reached Vremyn. First station was at the place, where now is the eastern station. In the next decades the town grow more and more. To avoid the traffic-problems of other towns, in Vremyn (like in Gentofte and other towns in Latina) since the 1840-ies the important radial roads and some tangential roads are designed broad with a strip of green in the middle - later uses for the streetcar-lines. This design was inspired from Ernesto Cruz y Lopez, who was the importants ingenieer in that time. Since the 1940ies at most of this avenues are buildt cycleways.

The university of Vremynn was founded relative late - in 1869. This institute is famous for resarch in agriculture. Too Vremyn is the center of the coffee-industry in Latina.

1893 was build the new harbour in the west of the town and 1927 was opened the new railway-station "Vremyn Central" in the northwest of the town for better railway-service. The rails to Porto Colon since then do not more run from the east in the station, but now from the west. So now the trains Porto Colon to Delta can run through without changing the direction.

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Vremyn is divided in 26 suburbs, named "barrios". Postal Code is always 57xx and the number of the suburb (always 4 numerals 5701 to 5726). Government (5730) and greater organisations have postalcodes from 5730 to maximal 5739.

Like in Latina (Cidudad) always for some barrios are local courts in service - so in Vremyn there are local courts for suburbs in the center, north, east, south and west.

Number Name ingerish Court to city inhabitants km² density remark
1 Ciudad Veja old town center 1701 xyz abc def Oldest part of city
2 Norte new town center 1830 starting Shopping and commercial center
3 Opera center 1830 starting Shopping and commercial center
4 Sur south center 1825 starting
5 Garouche west 1845 starting the "westend"
6 Estacion station west 1845
7 Universidad University west 1865
8 Botanico botanic north 1865
9 Astée north 1875 with the harbour
10 Genopos east 1880
11 Horn horn east 1880
12 Cassilio south 1880
13 Swattaapaak Blackriverpark south 1890
14 Aastn south 1890
15 Cröply west 1895
16 Campo Amarillo yellow field west 1905
17 Arucabita west 1910
18 Utnord outer north north 1900
19 Buten Tjörks outer Tjörks north 1915
20 Binnen Tjörks inner Tjörks north 1890
21 Waar east 1880
22 Utwaar outer Waar east 1915 with Ebbodörp Village
23 Velany east 1895
24 Vernymb south 1870 starting around the lake
25 Tossen south 1900
26 Setany south 1910
whole town 684 922


Vremyn is the heart of the fertile plain "Mesa Tinto" ("red dish") with vegetables, fruits and in the higher regions coffee. Therefore in Vremyn is concentrated the food industry.

Streetcar.net in Bremen


Vremyn has an national airport. Flights go to Belsante, Du Bois, Cordoba, Van Pelt, Porto Colonand to Latina (Cidudad). In few years is planed to build a metro-line to the airport.

Motorway # 27 from Saguset to Pugall touches the town in the north and motorway # 19 from Delta to Van Pelt in the east. Vremyn is served from the primary-routes ## 34 and 83.

In Vremyn stopps the railway hi-speed-line # 8 (AVE) from Latina (Cididad) to Pugall and # 12 from Delta to Porto Colon.


The traffic in the town is mainly organisized with streetcars. There are 17 streetcar-lines, ## 1 to 15, 17 and 19. Line # 19 is a circle-lines. Line-numbers 16 and 18 are not in use.

Most tracks lay on own right of way. At knotpoints of heavy car traffic the streetcars run through short tunnels. There are new "short" cars of 48 m and "long" cars of 72 m for lines with denser traffic. Therefore most streetcar-depots now are 150 m long. Formerly in Vremyn (as in other towns) are shorter cars in use.

Worth to see

Citizens Service (What is where?)

Object ingerish Adress Barrio Remarks
Cortes superiores Cidudad high court of the town 16, Plaza de la Opera # 3
Cortes locales centro local court center 16, Plaza de la Opera # 3
Cortes locales norte local court north
Cortes locales este local court east
Cortes locales sur local court south
Cortes locales oueste local court west
Ayuntamento del Cidudad Town Hall Plaza Ayuntamento # 1 also Ayuntamento for Barrio # 1
Commedia Theater comedique
Hogar por Animalos Animal shelter
Jardin Botanico Botanic Garden
Objetos Perdidos lost and found
Opera 7, Plaza del Opera # 3
Pinacoteka Art Gallery
Philharmony Concert hall
Teatro del Cidudad main theather
Universidad (Centro) main buildung university 1, Plaza Universidad # 7
Zoo # 12


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