Vulgar Romantian

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Vulgar Romantian is a Romantish language that evolved from "pure" Romantian and considered to have been spoken by a large region extending from Garlis to eastern Pretany. Considered the Language of the Egyt Mountain peoples, it is assumed the language broke away from Nortian Romantian prior to the 3rd century BC. Considered a link or merger language, Vulgar Romantian continued to be spoke by mountain peoples of Garlis, Ísztianország, and Pretany natively until the 4th century AD, from that point forward, the people of Garlis began to speak a variation of the Proto-Romanish language and the people of Pretany spoke pure Romantian exclusively. Further evolution between both languages occurred in the following centuries, with Franquese evolving in northern Pretany directly from a variation of Vulgar Romantian. By the 14th century Garlian invasion of the Inaran Nation Pretany, led by Duke Beglidere, the Garlians considered the Nortian Tribe of Pretany brethren, linked by common ancestry, and Duke Beglidere fought for their freedom from oppression by the Caeltig speaking empire.