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8, 54.5, 119.4
Protectorate of Vyzdia
𐲮𐳑𐳰𐲪𐳖𐳄 (Vyzh-Ulz)
CapitalCheyy-mash 𐲆𐳉𐳒𐳒𐳘𐳁𐳤
Largest cityTBD
Official languagesVyzdian
NationalitiesVyzdian 97%, Alvedic 1%, Brevinian 1%, other 1%
GovernmentPuppet state
 • Total21'400 km2
 • Estimate (2019)410'000
 • Density19.1/km2
HDI (2020)0.54
CurrencyAlvedic Ringan (ACR)
Drives on theright
Internet TLD.vyz

The Vyzh-Ulz (vyz. 𐲮𐳑𐳰𐲪𐳖𐳄, ing. Vyzdia) is a small country in northeastern Uletha. Its capital is Cheyy-mash. It is an integrated puppet of Älved.


The name Vyzh comes from Brevinian language and means "humid" or "full of water", due to its people being former nomads of the northern swamplands who migrated south. The Vyzdian Plains contain marshes, too.

Vyzdian settlements were common all over the Alvedic Countries in the past, but after the fall of the Union and many violent conflicts, most relocated to the new Vyzh-Ulz country.

The neighboring countries have been struggling to maintain a stable situation, since strategic trans-Ulethan fret lines pass through Vyzh-Ulz.

Most strategic places are controlled by Alvedic authorities, and thus the country can be considered a puppet of Älved.


Vyzdia is part of The Alvedic Countries. This failed state has struggled violently for its independence on different territories in the region. A majority of Vyzdians are very protective of their traditions and nomadic lifestyle, reject modernity and continue living in small wooden houses or tent-like dwellings with few belongings, due to their tradition of being able to move quickly. Settling in abandoned houses unformally, leaving them, or changing houses between families from a village to another is also widespread. Vyzdians fight violently against attempts to destroy the natural environment they need for their half-nomadic survival.

The Vyzdian ethnic group is Nordic and is recognizable at their blonde hair and grey, partially slanted eyes.

They speak a distinct language, Vyzdian, and use a specific alphabet called Rovash, which has been used by Brevinians in the past too.


Vyzdia's economy is primarily based on livestock, hunting, primary resources like fishing, textile and carpetry, and commerce. Most large towns evolved around a commercial hub / large market. Smuggling at the borders is common, and a problem here.


Elements of inspration taken from real-life include: Sami people, Gypsy/Roma customs, Moldova, Altai, Tengrism religion, Old Turkic and Hungarian alphabet, Kalmykia and Russian steppes, etc.