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Capital of Balavalonia
Balavalonian Parliament Building
Balavalonian Parliament Building
Flag of WaeldstoneCoat of Arms of Waeldstone
FlagCoat of arms
 • MayorPeter Vance
 • Assistant MayorAnn Prestin
Elevation2 m
 • Estimate (2014)2,475,400
 • Census (2014)2,475,396
Postal CodeW4E
MetroWaeldstone Metro
TramBalavalonia Coastal Rail


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Notable Locations

Monuments and Landmarks

Art and Cultural Centres


Highway 225

Highway 225 passes through the heart of the city, connecting Waeldstone to the rest of Balavalonia.

Balavalonia Coastal Railway

The Balavalonia Coastal Railway passes through Waeldstone's northern half, continuing westward to Traegenhaven.

Waeldstone Historic Tram

The Waeldstone Tram System was introduced in 1852. It originally had only three lines, servicing the northern, southern and central Downtown areas, respectively. Today, the Tram has five lines, servicing the entire downtown area.

Allen Dunn International Airport

The Allen Dunn International Airport is one of Balavalonia's largest airports, constructed in 1975 and connected to almost every other major airport worldwide.