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8, -40.766, 143.134

Constituent state ofFlag of the FSA.svg Federal States
Largest cityGleason
 • Census4,300,000

Info about Walkegan

Walkegan (pronounced Walk - e - Gan) is in the Lakes Region in the Federal States. It is bordered by Minnonigan to the west, Sennepi to the southeast, Oronotia to the east, and AR120-46 to the north.



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Era 6

Famous Figures


Walkegan is a flat state. The highest point is Mount Pike in the northeast. The lowest point is near the town of Webster in the Southwest side of the state.

Natural Features

Sunrise Crater

A meteor crater near Sunrise Lake

Boil Lake


Founded in 1834...


Name of county Population Area (sq. mi) County Seat Largest Locality Location
Hartford 1,033,425 TBD Gleason Gleason TBD
Haven 15,670 TBD Marshall Haven City TBD
Jackson 51,000 TBD Louise Louise TBD
Keller 33,214 TBD West Gramercy West Gramercy TBD
Mill 562,000 TBD Miller Miller TBD
River 44,344 TBD Wallis Shebek TBD
Schwartz 233,500 TBD Pike Pike TBD
Simonson 85,670 TBD Khudobin Lester City TBD

Highway System

Walkegan's highway system uses odd numbers for generally north/south routes and the even numbers are used for generally east/west routes.

State Roads

State Road Start End Info Length(miles)
Walkegan State Highways
WalkeganState8.png Minniongan state line Shebek Buiest East/West state highway TBD
WalkeganState18.png 118 118 118 TBD
WalkeganState40.png South Miller Sennepi state line Miller Directly to State Line TBD
WalkeganState77.png South Louise Hopkins Miller - Hopkins Connector TBD
WalkeganState84.png Louise Shebek Main Connector Between Jackson County and Lester County TBD
WalkeganState93.png South Miller North Lester City Connects Miller and Lester City TBD
WalkeganState143.png Marshall Haven City Main Route on Haven Island TBD
WalkeganState164.png Dell Tobias Short, Busy connector between these two towns TBD
WalkeganState191.png Tobias Charlsford Scenic Route TBD
WalkeganState244.png Miller Carnaby City 4 Lane connector from Miller to FS - 24 TBD
WalkeganState309.png Karenson Marshall Alt Route that bypasses Haven City. Does not go through and it is more scenic route on Webster Island TBD
WalkeganState415.png Downtown Miller South Miller Short Connector Between Miller and South Miller TBD
WalkeganState550.png Junction Outside of Katsnelson River State Park Belinda Lake Beach in Katsnelson River State Park Katsnelson River State Park main road 1.3
WalkeganState973.png Point Marshall Beach(Point Marshall State Park Marshall Fishing Dock TBD

Federal Highways

see also Federal Highways in Walkegan


One of the many franchises is Walkegan is WABank. Mane's also makes steel for railroads. Their main factory is located in Miller.







Highway Beginning End Major cities serviced Length
 FS-20  Minnoigan State Line near Lych Sennepi state line - West Gramercy Miller, Louise, city 3 TBD southern connector - west section
 FS-20  Sennepi state line near town tbd Oronotia State Line near Beltridge Beltrigde town tbd TBD Connects Sennepi to Oronotia - east section
 FS-620  Miller Intercontinental Airport  FS-20  near West Miller Miller TBD Goes through central Miller
 FS-85   FS-620  in Miller AR120-46 state line(town tbd) Miller, Lester City, Donovan TBD Connects the north to the south
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