War Sounds

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War Sounds is the third album of Velvet Sledgehammer, released on 22 December, 2003. It is by far their darkest album, based on the Commonian Civil War, and telling a story. It is also their shortest album (as some material was released on the Light Multiplex EP), with nine tracks and a running time of 34:57.

Track listing

  • I'll Serve My Own State (3:32)
  • Soldier of Circumstance (4:10)
  • Those That Fly Overhead (2:54)
  • No Trench, But A Bed (3:17)
  • Seas and Land (5:51, instrumental)
  • The Barrel of Worry (3:08)
  • Air Rescue (Not My Fault) (4:32)
  • Heart, Mind, but no Soul' (4:14)
  • Peace is to be Happy (3:29)