Watanabe Industries

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Watanabe Industries
Watanabe Logo
Safrisco Offices
FoundedJoriku, 1842
HeadquartersJoriku, Paxtar
Area Served Worldwide
 Computer Systems
 Farm Equipment
SubsidiariesWatanabe Aerospace
 Watanabe Motors
 Watanabe Systems
PredecessorWatanabe Tsuru

'Watanabe Industries (SC) ', sometimes referred to as "WI" is the largest stock company (SC) and non-government employer in Paxtar. It controls several subsidiaries, the largest of which specialize in the manufacture of automobiles and farm equipment (Watanabe Motors), aircraft (Watanabe Aerospace), and electronics (Watanabe Systems).

Watanabe Industries began as Watanabe Tsuru, a small tool making business which sprang to prominence after the Great Quake. It was housed in one of the few large buildings to survive in Joriku, and was able take advantage of the complete lack of competition by quickly suppling tools and equipment needed during the reconstruction.

By 1898 Watanabe was producing tractors, farm equipment, and small work trucks. Needing room to expand, the company purchased a large tract of land to the east of Joriku and built a new factory there. The town of Watanabe was founded and became a home for the company and its workers. The company was renamed Watanabe Motors in 1905.

In 1910, Watanabe began manufacturing lightweight engines for early aircraft, and in 1915 purchased Cooper-Schmidt Aviación in order to enter the new aircraft industry.

An increased need for electronic equipment and components lead to the creation of a new subsidiary, Watanabe Electric, which in 1971 became Watanabe Systems.

Watanabe Industries is controlled by the Watanabe family, which holds the largest block of Watanabe stock.

Watanabe Motors

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Headquartered in Watanabe, Sabishii, Watanabe Motors manufactures automobiles and farm equipment. It is a partially-owned subsidiary of Watanabe Industries.

Watanabe Aerospace

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Watanabe Aerospace specializes in the manufacture and maintenance of commercial and military aircraft. It is a partially-owned subsidiary of Watanabe Industries.

Watanabe Systems

Headquartered in Safrisco, Costalta, Watanabe Systems specializes in manufacturing computer and electronic equipment. It is a subsidiary of Watanabe Industries.