Watanabe Motors

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Wātānābe Motorem
Watanabe Logo
Watanabe Motors Factory
Safrisco Auto Plant
FoundedWatanabe SI, 1904
HeadquartersWatanabe, Paxtar
Area Served Worldwide
 Farm Equipment

'Wātānābe Motorem (SC)', also known as WM, and Watanabe Motors, is a manufacturer of automobiles and farm equipment. It is headquartered in Watanabe, Sabishii in Paxtar (map), and is a subsidiary of Watanabe Industries (SC).

WM produces several lines of passenger vehicles, trucks, and tractors, in its three manufacturing plants,located in Watanabe SI, Sukaidoa SI, and Safrisco CA.

Watanabe Motors produces most of the vehicles driven in Paxtar, and exports automobiles and equipment worldwide.