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Welle has an ornate former palace, (Paleis Welle), in the city centre, with a lovely park area with ponds behind it. The city fronts Schuttelermeer (lake), and is overlooked by the dark hills of Wellerwoud forest to the east. The border area to Kobáň is marked by wooded hills, whilst further east the forest boundary to Ísztianország is an area for logging. The villages of Loosteren, Schering en Inschlag and Peringen are all centres for this.

Honing Raad

Welle is also a university city, with a modern campus opened in 2012. The Honing Raad lies just off the city's southeastern periphery, and has its own railway station, on the line to Mirkbos. It is regional centre of excellence in the fields of agriculture, forestry and land management.

Public transport

Welle has a system of tramways. There is a lakeside line, linking the railway stations of Welle Schutteleind and Welle Woudeinde. From the Middelsteplein junction, a spur leads into the city centre, splitting in front of Paleis Welle. One line goes into the southwestern housing estates, the other leads to the Honing Raad.


The city was granted city rights by the Duke of Schalmen in 1485. The Duke moved from Schalmen after that town was devastated by a stormflood in 1603. Paleis Welle was built around 1640. When modern Utterland was formed, around 1885, the Duchy ceased to exist as a unit of government.